Since 2002
Works in Verona Italy

Born in Verona in the summer of 2000 from the union of Happycentro and Sintetik, Happycentro+Sintetik is a very young creative team consisting in: Federico Galvani (art director), Giuliano Garonzi (art director - film director); Roberto Solieri (art director - fashion stylist); Roberto Comuniello (creative programmer); Alessandro Nicolis (web designer); Stefano Anselmi (programmer); Paolo Tezza (programmer); Daniele Aldrighetti (account); Gaia Passamonti (planning and pr).
Happycentro+Sintetik works in old and new media with the same wild passione for communication and experimentation, creating its own very personal and recognizable style.
You can find us in Verona (Italy), via Morgagni 4a, or contact us in the web at http//