Genco Gulan
Since 2002
Works in Istanbul Turkey

Genco Gülan is a conceptual artist with an interest in new media and performance art. He studied Political Science and Art at Bogazici University then he pursued an MA degree on Media Studies at New School, New York. He got prizes from BP, New School, Lions, E.M.A.F. Nominated for the European Art prize in 2012 and got selected as a finalist. Gülan made solo shows in Istanbul, Ankara, Graz, Berlin, New York, Seoul and Zagreb. His works are presented in museums such as; Centre Pompidou, Pera, ZKM, MAM, Rio and La Triennale di Milano. He participated to festivals such as; Steirishes Herbst, Ars Electronica, Mediaterra, prog-me, Accente, Balkan Art and Istanbul Festival. His net-art pieces have been exhibited at, and His works listed in required reading lists such as; City University, New York, Rice University and U.C. Santa Barbara. Gülan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts, Köln University and New York Institute of Technology. Genco Gülan and his art has been referred to by Newsweek, Herald Tribune, NY Arts, Art in America, Art News, Das Kunst, Beaux Arts and Idomenee. His monography edited Dr. Marcus Graf is published by Revolver Berlin the title "Conceptual Colors of genco Gulan". His book "De-Constructing the Digital Revolution" is published by LAP and both of the books are available at Genco Gülan was in the Advisory Board of Balkan Biennial, Thessaloniki and International Programming Committee of ISEA Singapore. He is the founder of the Web Biennial. Currently he teaches at Mimar Sinan Academy and Bogazici University.
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"Kissing Zeppelins" over the Bosphorus

Sun May 27, 2012 09:00 - Sun May 27, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

Conceptual artist Genco Gülan’s new project named “Kissing Zeppelins" will be exhibited on 27 May, over the Bosphorus sky. This aerial installation is composed of two Zeppelins, each 5 meters attached to each other from their front.

The zeppelins, each have 16 m3 helium capacity, will be able to be seen with bare eye from the Asian side, while the installation is taking place over the sky of Gould Hall, Robert College. This project is, within the scope of Robert College Fine Arts Festival 2012, is going to be exhibited for the first time in Istanbul.

Gulan exhibited his flying sculptures first in Duisburg Accente festival. Genco Gülan’s another work that used inflated sculptures called “Black BP” a multi-media work, has been exhibited at CER Modern.

On the same day of the festival, Genco Gulan will have a workshop is called “Symmetry in Art and Art in Symmetry”. He is going to talk about the symmetry and dissimetry in our bodies and ways for applying this into contemporary art.

Gülan has been nominated and selected as a finalist for European Art Awards in 2011, and is a jury member of Turgut Pura Art Awards. His project is called “Kissing Zeppelins” is funded by Fine Arts Faculty of Okan University.


Web Biennial 2012, WB12 Athens, Berlin, Istanbul: Open Call for Online Art

Fri Jun 15, 2012 18:30

ATHENS, Greece

OCCUPY CONTENT: Have we reached the end of the Internet as we knew it?

The last few years threats over the openness and the democracy of the medium have significantly augmented. With the introduction of the new Internet censorship laws on the name of intellectual property, increasing government surveillance and control under the pretense of security and continuously evolving systems of data aggregation applied by companies, the Internet territory seems to be doomed to a fatal change. No matter to which extent the new agreements will pass, how different governments and countries might react, and how companies might cooperate according to their own interests, insecurity and fear cast their shade over the Internet's freedom.

Can networks survive with the restrictions and inhibitions being imposed to them? Can they withstand data disclosure and control? While these questions remain open, the voices rising up multiply, arguing that the internet ultimately can not be regulated and controlled. As every power feeds its counterpower and every mechanism of control, its anti-mechanism, structures can be opposed and transformed by the potentiality of resistance by millions of users around the world.

Believing that collaborative creative processes can formulate new common grounds of participation, Web Biennial 12 wishes to address a call to all creative netizens, seeking for different alternatives that can be offered.
Not only web based and net based projects but ideas, statements, platforms and tools are also welcome; as well as anything that could contribute to an open platform which aims to assist in building a free network of networks beyond control...

This year Web Biennial will run as a moderated platform with a team from Athens, Berlin and Istanbul.

Web Biennial 2012 - Submission instructions

To submit your work for the Webbiennial 2012 please provide the following:
*project title
*description (200 words)
*bio (200 words)
*URL of the project or other related links
*2 stills
*other files necessary

once selected: put the following title tags inside your index page (consult a web master if necessary):

#WB12: Occupy Content - Name of the Artist - Name of Your Project

For example: If your name is "John Doe" and your project is titled "YourProjectX" then your code should look like this:

#WB12: Occupy Content - John Doe - YourProjectX


Deadline for submissions: June 15th.

E-mail submissions to:

WB12 team: Dimitris Fotiou, Daphne Dragona, Matthias Fritsch. Web Biennial is founded by Genco Gulan.



Thu Apr 26, 2012 18:30

Konak/ iZMiR, Turkey Turgut Pura Art Prize will be the first international one. The prize which gets its name from the acclaimed sculptor Turut PURA will award prizes this year for painting, sculpture and life time achievement in art.

This year the organization commitee decided to award Burhan Dogancay for life time achievement. Dogancay will accept this award this month in Bodrum but artists still have time to apply for painting and sculpture prizes till 2012-04-26.

The winners will recieve 5000.TL each (approximately 2500 USD)and all selected art will be exhibited as a grand exhibition. The show will be between May 25th and June 3rd at Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum.

The foundation is established by Gungor PURA in 1981. The organization comitee is led by Kayhan Kirmizigul and the concultants are; Genco GULAN and Marcus GRAF.

Jury for painting: Burcu PELVANOGLU, Greg WOLFF, Marcus GRAF and Turan AKSOY.

Jury for sculpture: Genco GULAN, Gunnur OZSOY, Mike BERG and Seckin PiRiM.

This year for the first time the applications can be made online through

OR by sending an image of your art together with your bio to: and/or

For more info please contact:
Neslihan KiRMiZiGUL
Tel: 90 232 422 3286


Einladung zur Buchpräsentation: “Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan”

Fri Feb 10, 2012 18:00 - Fri Feb 10, 2012

BERLIN, Germany

(english text below)

Am Freitag, 10.02. laden Sie die Galerie Artist Berlin und der Revolver Verlag zur Präsentation der Monografie Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan, welche vom Kunstwissenschaftler und Kurator Marcus Graf verfasst wurde, ein. Sowohl der Künstler Genco Gülan als auch Marcus Graf und Heike Salchli vom Revolver Verlag werden während der Buchvorstellung anwesend sein. Die Veranstaltung wird in der Galerie Artist Berlin stattfinden, in welcher Genco Gülan zurzeit in der Einzelausstellung Ich bin ein Museum aktuelle Arbeiten zeigt. Somit wird der Besucher die Möglichkeit haben, das Werk Gülans sowohl in Buchform als auch durch reale Kunstwerke zu erfahren.

Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bei der Buchpräsentation begrüßen zu dürfen.
Genco Gülan, Marcus Graf, Heike Salchli

Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan
Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan ist eine Analyse und Einführung in das Werk des zeitgenössischen Istanbuler Künstlers Genco Gülan, der seit Mitter der 90er Jahre aufgrund seines konzeptuell komplexen und ästhetisch pluralistischen Werkes zu den führenden Figuren der türkischen Gegenwartskunstszene zählt.

Neben der Gründung seines eigenen Museums als Kunstprojekt, welches später zu einer realen Institution wurde, und der Organisation der weltweit ersten Web Biennale für Netzkunst, wurden seine interdisziplinären und inter-medialen Arbeiten international ausgiebig ausgestellt und gesammelt.

Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan zeigt wie der Künstler, für den das Chaos Istanbuls eine seiner Hauptquellen bezeichnet, den gegenwärtigen Stand unserer Realität hinterfragt, indem er den Status Quo unser gesellschaftlichen Ordnung ekonstruiert und neue Strategien für eine positivere Entwicklung von Kunst und Gesellschaft vorschlägt.

Invitation to Book Launch:
“Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan”

On Friday, 10th of February, Gallery Artist and Revolver Publishing House are pleased to invite you to the Berlin book launch of Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan the first monographic review of the visual artist Genco Gülan, written by the art historian and curator Marcus Graf. Both, Genco Gülan and Marcus Graf will attend the book launch together with Heike Salchli from Revolver Publishing. The event will take place at Gallery Artist Berlin, where Genco Gülan has currently a one man show called I am a Museum. So, the visitor of the book launch will also have the chance to experience the existing work of Gülan not only via a printed medium but also through his real art works.

We are looking forward to seeing you,
Genco Gülan, Marcus Graf, Heike Salchli

Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan

Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan is an analysis and introduction to the work and thought of the visual artist Genco Gülan, who since the mid-90’s due to his conceptually complex and aesthetically pluralistic pieces, became a leading figure in Turkey’s contemporary art scene. Besides founding his own museum as an art project, which later became an actual institution, and organizing the world’s first Webbiennial for Net Art, his interdisciplinary and inter-medial work is vastly exhibited and collected nationally and abroad. Conceptual Colors of Genco Gülan presents how the artist, using Istanbul’s chaos as main source for his work, questions the current state of our reality by deconstructing our current state of social disorder, and proposes strategies for a positive development of art and society.


"Ich bin ein Museum" instead of "Ich bin ein Berliner"

Tue Jan 17, 2012 18:00 - Sun Feb 12, 2012

Berlin, Germany

Ich bin ein Museum circles around issues like personal and cultural memory as well as private and public history. It shows how art’s approach to the recollection of knowledge differs from its populist presentation in mass media and from research methods in social science. Using distortion and irony Ich bin ein Museum criticizes the common methods of recollecting history in order to develop artworks, where the individual gets the chance to actively participate in the construction of a personal memory, which is merged with our collective one. Genco Gülan proves in Ich bin ein Museum that it is possible to overcome the classic methods of recollecting knowledge and get beyond the borders of the traditional models that shape our popularized social and cultural memory.

Genco Gülan who since the 1990’s due to his conceptually complex and aesthetically pluralistic work became a leading figure in Turkey’s contemporary art scene, develops artistic investigations in which the borderline between art and society often is porous in order to involve the spectator in his work. In Genco Gülan’s current exhibition Ich bin ein Museum at Gallery Artist in Berlin, he discusses visual art’s ability to develop alternative strategies for the recollection of knowledge in order to get beyond socio-cultural clichés and prejudices. In an eclectic and multidisciplinary manner, Gülan proposes ways of understanding history in the context of its current reality by deforming and deconstructing its descriptive artifacts, and cultural signs. (Marcus Graf, 2011)