Heather Corcoran
Since 2009
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Heather Corcoran is Executive Director at Rhizome. She comes to Rhizome from Film and Video Umbrella in London where she served as Deputy Director, and was previously Curator at FACT, the UK’s leading center for new media. She has held positions at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts, Toronto, SPACE, London, and has produced large-scale projects with the Barbican Centre, AND Festival and the 2010 Liverpool Biennial, where she was a contributing Curator. Heather holds a BFA from Ryerson University in Toronto, and an MBA from Imperial College, London.

Opportunity: Senior Developer (Part-time) at Rhizome

A day at the Rhizome office 

Rhizome seeks a skilled, level-headed and friendly developer to maintain and develop the Rhizome website, databases, and servers. The Senior Developer will oversee all aspects of the site and work closely with the rest of the Rhizome team to develop technology-related projects. This is a part time, salaried position at 2 or 3 days a week, by negotiation. For more information, visit the full job posting

Rhizome's 2014-15 Support for Artists: Announcing New Microgrants and Commissions

Aleksandra Domanović, From yu to me, supported by Rhizome's commissions program in 2014.

Rhizome supports the creation of significant new art through commissions and direct funding for artists. These works may take various forms and scales, but are tied together by their considered illumination of contemporary digital culture.

Today, I outline our vision for awarding money to artists in 2014-15, focusing on three new initiatives with funding totaling nearly $40,000.

Thank You. Now, we have work to do.

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and friends. 

After a successful conclusion of our 2014 Community Campaign yesterday, there are many positive feelings, and many things to say.

The format was an experiment. Our annual campaign, which is a significant part of our income each year, was shorter than ever before. We recognize that nature of online giving has changed since we started our appeals in 2001, and are sensitive to this now-crowded space. Inspired to innovate with our format by the success of 2009's $50,000 Web Page (which is still online, and well worth a look), we hoped that a grand finale, the 24-hour Internet Telethon, would carry us over the edge of our $20,000 goal. It did, in dramatic fashion. With just 20 minutes left, longtime Rhizomer and Telethon participant Tom Moody made the donation that carried us over the finish line.

A New Office for Rhizome (Means Even More Reasons to Donate)

Today, I'm pleased to share some news: this summer, Rhizome will be moving into expanded office space in the New Museum's building at 231 Bowery, also home to NEW INC, their art, design, and technology incubator—announced in detail today. Building on our 11-year affiliation with the museum and our frequent collaborations across its public programs, Rhizome will support, advise, and otherwise feed in to the incubator project and the work of its new tenants.

Launching Rhizome's Community Campaign 2014: What Will Rhizome's Role Be in the Future?

Had we taken this Chris Burden piece (Tower of Power, 1985) from the New Museum recently, we'd be set. 

We’re launching our six-week community campaign today.
Will you make a donation this year? 

As Rhizome’s Director, I'll kick off this year’s campaign by answering a question I'm sometimes asked: What will Rhizome's role be in the near future, when "art and technology" has fully embedded itself into "contemporary art and culture," in no small part due to our efforts over the past 17 years? Will there be a need for this organization's focus?

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Bodies on the Line

I’m commenting to offer a bit more context as to how we got to this point in this discussion, and to apologize for two things.

Rhizome has a status in an active and engaged network. We believe ourselves to be uniquely embedded in, and in conversation with, an immediate body of net artists, writers and enthusiasts. This is both thrilling and tough — all art, people and institutions exist within a network, but as an art organization based on the internet, I believe Rhizome feels that network more, and certainly treats its role in it more actively.

This is all to say that when this work by Ryder — an artist celebrated for many years by Rhizome, most recently featured in our Prix Net Art shortlist, and a community member and supporter — was published, we felt it. When the direct terms of that controversy circled debates on which we have strong opinions — sexism, precarious work, etc. — we felt it. When we saw how community members (including some of our own staff, and certainly speaking for myself) felt very discouraged by the work, and how it now sat within our support of the artists’ broader practice (and even our field), we felt it. And we felt this enough that we were compelled to respond to this artwork, swiftly, so that our silence wasn't taken as tacit approval of the work.

I want to give two apologies to Ryder:

One, that we initially criticized his artwork in a tweet without defining our terms properly. This is a problem we tried to address in our subsequent article. We should have published the article, alone.

Two, that the contextless tweet escalated a public controversy that has brought him a great deal of distress. The artwork's ethical problems are not unique, and we face them in certain ways too, but our tweet added to a debate that made it too easy to demonize Ryder — shareable, embeddable and easy to co-opt. His disappointing follow-up responses to the backlash of his work (before and after our comment, across many channels) has also been big factor in how aggressive some of the conversation towards him has been. Regardless, we hope this harassment stops.

The tweet also made it too easy to criticize Rhizome for our tactics, and not our position. I stand by that critical position on this artwork, and the need to have made it public, but I apologize for our way of disseminating it.


Senior Developer (part-time) - Rhizome

Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:00

New York , New York
United States of America

(Part-time 2 or 3 days per week, salaried)

Deadline (first round): November 4, 2014

Rhizome seeks a skilled, level-headed and friendly developer to maintain and develop the Rhizome website, databases, and servers. The Senior Developer will oversee all aspects of the site and work closely with the rest of the Rhizome team to develop technology-related projects. This is a part time, salaried position at 2 or 3 days a week, by negotiation.

Rhizome is a non-profit art organization based on the internet, and an affiliate in residence of the iconic New Museum, New York. We have strong values and a clear mission to support contemporary art that creates richer and more critical digital culture - online since 1996. Our collection of digital art, the Artbase, includes a vast range of projects by artists all over the world that employ materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games and browsers, to aesthetics and critical ends.

Rhizome is now housed in the New Museum's new building and initiative, NEW INC - the first museum-led incubator for art, technology and design. In addition to working alongside New Museum staff, and with Rhizome's close-knit team, you'll work in a brand new office and shared workspace, among a group of members, and with access to intimate, internal-only talks, workshops and seminars by some of art and technology's leading figures. Plus, you'll receive a museum pass to visit all exhibitions at most museums around the world, including the New Museum's own.


In addition to this active community, Rhizome's networks and Board of Directors are comprised of leaders in both art and technology (New Museum, Kickstarter, betaworks, Cornell Tech & more), and we're committed to helping advance to careers of those who work for us. The position could be suitable for a talented, early-career developer whose values are in line with our mission, and who would benefit from the chance to grow their knowledge, networks and career; or an artist/freelancer looking to augment their other work.

- Managing all aspects of Rhizome’s website and servers.
- Working with the Digital Conservator on the ArtBase, Rhizome’s archive of digital art.
- Help advocate for Rhizome within various technology communities online and at events.
- Making informed technical recommendations to the staff on tech-related projects.
- Developing and assisting with special projects, online and off.

The position requires strong technical knowledge and experience with:
- Linux/Unix/BSD
- Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS
- Version control with Git
- relational databases
- Experience working on medium- to large-scale websites (preferred)


- A deep engagement with digital culture and emerging technologies
- The ability to lead, communicate and work well within a team
- Demonstrated interest in art

To apply, send a resume, cover letter and links to code samples, projects and/or github account, to jobs@rhizome.org

Please note this position is only available to those already eligible to work in the US


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This is great - belated thank you for bumping, KEMO721. https://twitter.com/rhizome/status/519894924498829312 I hope Dragan can download it for the ArtBase!