heidi j. boisvert
Since 2004
Works in Long Island City, New York United States of America

Heidi J. Boisvert recently joined the Breakthrough team as their Multimedia Manager and is responsible for overseeing production of a wide range of new media including video games, video podcasts, and flash animations, to help raise awareness and transform attitudes to create broader support for human rights.

While an MFA student at Hunter College in the Integrated Media Arts program, Heidi designed ICED - I Can End Deportation, the downloadable game created by Breakthrough to spark dialogue and create awareness of unfair U.S. immigration policies.

Prior to joining Breakthrough, she taught Digital Media & Media Studies at Hunter College, and launched a free Digital Media Program for low-income youth, adults and parent/child teams at the Bronx River Art Center through Time Warner & NOAA funding.

Heidi also has taught 3D Game Design, Documentary Video, and Photography at BRAC and Newark School of Art, ENG shooting & editing at BCAT and served as an educator and exhibition designer at the Museum of the Moving Image after many years working as a freelance editor, shooter and independent producer.
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Sonic Warfare

i created a sound walk project by the same name, sonicWarfare, in 2006, exploring similar motifs addressed in Goodman's new book. you can listen to a short excerpt here: http://www.heidiboisvert.com/sound/.