Janna Holmstedt+Po Hagström
Since 2006
Works in Stockholm Sweden

JANNA HOLMSTEDT, artist, lives in Stockholm, Sweden (janna.holmstedt[at]gmail.com). She employs storytelling as a tool for critical engagement and as a way to deal with and make sense of the constant flow of information in everyday life. In her work, she seeks to situate a subject within a context that is not framed as an absolute truth or stable reality, but rather as a system that unfolds through a specific network where meanings are constructed. Since 2010 she is a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University, Sweden. The title of her research project is "What You See is Not What You Get" and it includes a series of performance works.
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PO HAGSTRÖM, artist and curator, lives in Stockholm, Sweden (pohagstrom[at]gmail.com). He repeatedly explores the clashes and fusions of theories and world views, and how we as humans try to position ourselves in this world - as individuals and as a species - with the help of science, religion, politics or conspiracy theories.
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They are represented in the Rhizome Artbase with the work "MONUMENT FOR THE MASSES", where narrative strategies, as well as sampling and recontextualization of already existing material were used on a large scale. An existing proposal for a monument in Tallinn, Estonia, was hi-jacked and altered in substantial ways, and the remake was presented as a counter-monument. The proposal was used as a point of departure for mapping stories and rituals surrounding art in public space. Rather than focusing on the values and virtues monuments are said to symbolize, the misunderstandings, conflicting relations and stories associated with them were explored.

Janna Holmstedt + Po Hagström have collaborated in various projects since 2000. In 2005 TRIAL AND ERROR was formed in relation to the project ”Monument for the Masses”. Trial-and-error is a method for solving problems and obtaining knowledge. Holmstedt and Hagström use it as a playful and analytical tool to scrutinize situations and concepts they find intriguing. They have exhibited and published articles in Sweden and abroad, together and individually. They work with text, image, video and installations as well as interventions and web based projects. Documentation of exhibitions and articles can be found at: