Humberto Ramirez
Since 2003
Works in United States of America

Humberto Ramirez is an artist originally from Chile. Humberto's work presently is concerned with social issues and the power of language in shaping our values and perceptions. Humberto is a multimedia artist working in painting, video and curatorial projects.
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Hunger Mountain's 1st Visual Arts Prize

Wed Jun 15, 2011 23:59

montpelier, Vermont
United States of America

An annual contest for digital art including video, web-based art, and photography. 
We’re looking for works addressing the concept of 'Menagerie' literally or metaphorically.First prize $1000, two honorable mentions.
Jurors: xtine Burroughs, Robert O'Connor and Mary Ting


Re: Question for artists who seek commissions

The "theme" is always a facilitating focusing devise as a well as an import=
ant way of creating communities around specific issues.