Ilan Katin
Since 2002
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Ilan Katin is an artist working in drawings, live video performance and animation. His work has been published in a variety of print and online publications. His video performances include numerous collaborations and locations in the United States and Europe.

For the past decade Ilan Katin has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including programming, graphic design, illustration, comics, animation and broadcast design. His illustrations, logos and character designs have been featured in a variety of online and print publications. As a video performance artist Ilan has provided visual support for a variety of musicians including Shelley Hirsch, o.blaat, Lance Blisters, Becca Schack, Bora Yoon, ErwinMusic, Lukas Ligeti and The Mad Scene. He has also performed numerous VJ sets in a variety of locations in the United States and Europe.

In 2003 Ilan became involved with SHARE, a weekly open jam session for portable audio and visual performers in New York's East Village. His creative energy as part of SHARE includes the design of the SHARE logo, the christening of it's satellite, multi-location performance event 'Anyware' that took place at The Kitchen, along with several posters and flyers. In 2005 he assumed of the title 'project director' upon the groups incorporation and fiscal sponsorship under New York Foundation for the Arts.

Ilan's personal performance work tests the boundaries of performing with a laptop in front of an audience, engaging the ‘here’ and ‘now’ by interacting with inanimate objects or live drawing as well as mixing and manipulating live and pre-recorded imagery of these objects. The goal is to experience how these actions interact symbolically with the experience of video projections in the performance environment. The first of these works called 'eggsounds' and has been performed at Mapping Festival, in Geneva Switzerland (2005) and Participant INC Gallery in New York City as part of the Roberta Fleck Memorial Cinema (2005). In 2007 Ilan performed 'decrepticon 0001', and eight hour performance where he interacted with the audience through projected live drawing.

Ilan's drawings are a dialogue to the inner silence of the human body and external life experiences. The focus is on pure expression through the line. The line represents truth, humanity in the moment. It is an intimate and immediate expression suspended within the bond between ink and paper.
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SHARE Roundtable discussion

Mon Sep 12, 2005 00:00 - Sat Sep 10, 2005

Dear artists, designers, engineers, technicians and technologists,

You are invited, in person or via audio/video/text conference, to a
roundtable discussion of artistic and technological communities hosted
by the Integrated Digital Media Institute of Polytechnic University.

## Topics will include:
- Interactivity in digital media art
- Communities of digital media artists
- Tool development in artistic and technological communities

As it's an example familiar to many, we will use the Share community
( as a starting point for discussion, which should
last about 3 hours. Bring energy bars/drinks if you fear you might

## you will be observed...

This roundtable idea was set into motion by Michael Liegl, a
sociologist from Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat, Germany, who has been
studying new/experimental audio and visual communities for quite some time now.
Michael will present slides and video footage from Share to get us

If you'd like to participate remotely, please contact to work out the technical details. For more on
the topics we will discuss (and to add your own suggestions to the
mix), consult the wiki at .

September 17th, 2 pm
at the IDMI Lab
Polytechnic University
Brooklyn Campus
6 Metro Tech Center
RH 207

(What is SHARE?)
SHARE is an organization dedicated to fostering open and spontaneous
collaborations between audio and video artists, and providing the
necessary infrastructure to support this community. SHARE accomplishes
this through a weekly free event, special large-scale events held in
various cities, and a strong Internet presence. SHARE operates on an
open and free philosophy, making our events as broadly accessible as
possible and releasing software and media under open licensing schemes.

More info can be found at

AND! Now also new Share in Montreal, run by great people!



Do you want people to send you their stuff via e-mail? Do you want to see a series of things? How many pieces per-person? How many works are you collecting?

So many questions.