jacky Sawatzky
Since 2004
Works in Toronto Canada

Jacky Sawatzky is a multi- media artist. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, she spent most of her life in the Netherlands were she completed the majority of her formal training and later moved to Vancouver to complete an MFA degree at Simon Fraser University. Her recent projects focus on the development of situations and tools that allow a broad public to share and express their individual points of view while collaborating in a larger social context. They are intended to create an awareness of the concepts behind digital technology and explore the influence this technology has on our perception and consumption of such.

Her work has shown at conferences, festival and galleries in Europe and North-America.
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old work-RGB happening


This video is the documentation of the RGB happening performed as a result of a two week residency at Video IN, Vancouver, in 2002. The residency had as a departure point the R.g.b-project by Jacky Sawatzky. The dancers Sara Coffin, Chris O'Conner, Aretha Aoki, and the sound/performance artist Bobbie, Kozunik, embarked on an exploration of colours Red, Green and Blue, the colour space commonly used by digital technology. We did an RGB radio tag for Coop radio, an all blue dinner, an RGB dance in an urban space, all these elements came together in an public event - RGB happening. The documentation was done by Dinka Pignon.


Suitcase and Mailbox

Thu Oct 07, 2010 00:00 - Wed Oct 06, 2010


What would a suitcase do without a mailbox?

Suitcase and Mailbox two characters created by Jacky Sawatzky will make an appearance at the art event Streetcanvas tomorrow night, that is October 7th, in Haarlem on the Groenmarkt.(that is the Netherlands)
For more information on Streetcanvas http://www.streetcanvas.nl/
Do check it out!

It is also possible to follow Suitcase and Mailbox through their facebook page. On the evening of Oct. 7th they will post live updates.

http://www.no-map.net/suitcase_mailbox.html For the link to their facebook page.



Tue Sep 07, 2010 00:00 - Tue Sep 07, 2010


Have you lost a candy wrapper, a piece of paper, or a kleenex?

Found-on the road from Hanlans to Wards (A performance wherein I comb the main road of Toronto Island looking for lost candy wrappers, pieces of paper or kleenex.)

For 15 days starting September 6th I will comb sections of the road from Hanlans to Wards looking for small litter that is hidden among the curbside bushes and tall grass. While doing this I will clean up the rest of the litter found along side the road. The small litter is photographed and logged in regards too where it was found, the date, the material it is made of, and the estimated time for it to degrade. This data is published on a blog. You can follow the blog at http://foundlitter.blogspot.com/

The piece is created for Rogue Wave, 2010 http://www.roguewaveart.org/rogue-wave-2010.html. A site specific event held on Toronto Island.

Jacky Sawatzky


"Success is relative: it is what we can make of the mess we have made of things"
-T.S Elliot


experience using bluetooth


Who has experience in using bluetooth technology in projects? I am completely new to this, and looking for open source software that allows to automate the sending of images to mobile phones passing by a computer.

Thanks, Jacky Sawatzky


dance video

Yes, I know the real editor throwing their hands up, it's vague and also dodgy what I do. And find it almost impossible to teach. What does one need to 'master' for this kind of work?

The layering of the images that's where for me the choreography starts. Each layer in the timeline is somewhat like a 'dancer'. I use the composite factor of the layers similar to light-design on a stage. What do I want to expose and what not. I envy the abstract language modern dance and music can have, an abstraction that is physical. I am trying to find that in video..

My background is performing and sculpture, so I can relate to your description of a sculptural process. But then with digital editing what is cut away is can always be added again, making choices seeming very endless. I tend to 'live' with the material available, watching it over and over again, looking for intuitive understanding of the material on top of the various other means of engaging with an image (social, conceptual, political..) After that is the 'molding' of the footage on the time line, once editing choices are made fast, as if I am trowing the paint against the canvas, after this I move away, to make room for the endless doubt and the dialogue with whats on the timeline. It's a feverish process, an obsession with detail, waking up at 4 Am thinking no , that cut doesn't work.. changing ,set up a render. There is a moment is say this can be seen publicly, though there is always the doubt.. it's an intuitive choice deciding the moment. ( I see the intuition as a 'method' that needs to be trained, understood, work with and informed.)
probably this process is a cliche.. all very modernist. .But seldom talked about in video art.