Janet Stone
Since 2011

I am an artist and yoga teacher. I have been drawing and doing graphic design for the last eight years. I studied at the Art Institute but have not really developed a full career yet. Three years ago I became a professional yoga teacher as well and now offer yoga teacher trainings. I really love the blend of both art and yoga as I feel they compliment each other quite well. I suppose my yoga practice has hindered my art in some ways.

I am also engaged to be married and very excited about this. My soon to be husband rocks and I am very blessed to have him be a part of my life. He loves yoga and art as well and encourages me in my yoga training as well as my art. Even when I struggle and maybe don't give him the attention he deserves he is still very loving and patient with me and I love him tremendously.

In my spare time I donate my services and offer drawing courses to underprivileged kids. I love teaching art and yoga as this really brings me so much pleasure in my life. I really don't feel like I am working at all and every day I just feel so blessed to offer these wonderful services. I would love to start a non-profit and teach art and yoga full time. I am currently researching how I can do this.

I am currently looking to expand my own learning and want to take up other art classes so I can really fine tune this skill. I also want to take another yoga teacher training so that I can master this art as well. Once I do some more courses on both I feel my skill will be at a place where I can launch my own organization that fuses art and yoga.
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Old School Color Cycling with HTML5

Yeah, these are very sweet. Its amazing how graphics and reality are coming closer and closer....Buck Rogers here we come!



This is amazing. I love that there are people that actually appreciate glitches as art. Makes me feel like I am on acid!