Jeanne Landry-Belleau
Since 2009


I work, study and live in Quebec city. I just finished my Master project at Laval University in fine arts (New media). The title of my thesis is "Iconologia Web : une iconologie humaniste pour le Web".

I am active in the local artistic community of Quebec, working for artists at la Chambre Blanche, an artist-run centre. I am teaching Web-based career development for artists (using free software as Gimp, Kompozer, Worpress, etc.). I work with many media and I am focusing on new media platforms (Web 2.0: video, radio, blogs, dynamic databases).

Through cyberculture, I am exploring parallels between 15th to 21st Centuries Humanities. I am interested in the concept of a living network, which focuses on the relations between contemporary culture and human values around the living web (2.0), and how this is related to the democratization of art.

Recent Works :

Webographia 2010

Iconologia Web 2009-2010

Chrysalide Humaine (ongoing project since 2008)