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Breaking the Ice

Correction: these days people need a variety of offshoots from the longform criticism*


Breaking the Ice

I'm a young one and I've been following Rhizome since 2008. I'm a pretty rare commenter. I think its a good overview of "new media art" for students and newbies, but I think these days I people offshoots that are more current and manageable. I hate to sound like a nagging user but I lingered on the site more around hte discussion forums when the navigation bar was tabbed instead of drop-down.

There are a variety of short and longer reading pieces on ArtFCity that I enjoy because sometimes there really is only 10 minutes to read art news. Something between what Animal is doing with coolhunting net pieces that are pleasant and easy to understand in 5 mins (all summarized in one paragraph), and 30 min e-flux style reads that are more in-depth. I somehow want these to be available in a saveable format for an e-reader too.

I would also like to see "artistic" guest posts from casually academic pundits like Curt Cloninger and Tom Moody instead of the usual Q+A profile interviews. ArtFCity invites/moderates guestbloggers, this way new information on particular art scenes reaches their blog and makes it not so NYC-centric, maybe this is something you could consider. Finally, having two writers write a review on a same big media art museum show might be interesting... just some ideas.


David Hanes Totally Barely at NO FOUNDATION, Toronto

Thu Mar 07, 2013 19:00 - Sun Mar 17, 2013

Toronto, Canada

David Hanes, Aware, No. 35, 2011-2013
dye-sublimation print, polyester nylon, wood, nails, glue

For his exhibition, Totally Barely at NO FOUNDATION, David Hanes’ two new bodies of sculptural works address cultural developments in the use and distribution of images and objects. The smaller sculptural works in Hanes' Popular Objects series were created using trending items purchased on eBay. The objects themselves are coupled with digital photographs of themselves face mounted to plexiglass. The shiny photographs act as a digital mirror, simultaneously reflecting and cataloguing these objects. Together, these two series of sculptural works aim to represent the translation of auratic value from the dematerialized online world into physical space, questioning the possibility of these extracted objects holding any of their original desirability.

David Hanes is a visual artist whose trans-media practice explores the space bridging lived experience and art. His work describes a personal relationship to a visual culture that is linked to the underlying currency of everyday life. Exhibiting in both offline and online communities, Hanes has shown work in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Syracuse, Kansas City, Vancouver, London (UK) and the Internet. Hanes runs the "sincerity" blog and is the co-founder of the online project He currently lives and works in Toronto. Website:

To view works in this exhibition, see

1086 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada

1082 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada

March 7 - March 17, 2013
Gallery Hours:
Thursday/Friday to Saturday 12-6 PM,
Sunday 1-5 PM,
or by appointment

Please direct all inquiries to Katharine Mulherin at 416.993.6510 or email

1082 + 1086 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1H8

187 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002

phone (Canada): 416.993.6510
cell (New York): 347.406.3690


Call for Artistic Proposals and Submissions_An ILLUMINATED iDENTITY (Images Festival Toronto)

Sat Dec 15, 2012 00:00

Toronto, Canada

DEADLINE: December 15th, 2012

for addition information contact curator David Hanes:

Open Call: Undergraduate and Graduate student artists working in and responding to a question of identity and individuality in a context of the Future-Present (democratized
surveillance, weaponized branding, mobilized e-motions, and mythological realities).

XPACE/IMAGES festival is seeking proposals from student artists who are interested in responding to a question of the Future-Present. One could think of the term "Future-Present"
as being a condition in which our dreams of the future collide with the reality of the present and where the real and imagined world are as one after the idealized World of Tomorrow has been dissolved. We live in a world that integrates technology with daily life, causing physiological
and psychological shifts, giving us a kind of cybernetic lens in which to view the world. A lens that not only affects the way we think about ourselves and the world but also the images we use to represent that world. Now that peoples, places, and things are all accessible at the click of a button, what does it mean to be an individual in our contemporary condition and how are our identities formed? Proposals should consider the space the artwork occupies, the media used and its relationship to the subject in question, and a thorough understanding of the relative condition being: the Future-Present.

Proposals are encouraged to be innovative and critical but also visually stimulating and sensorially provocative.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    Electronic Submissions only can be sent to:

    Deadline: December 15th, 2012

    Include in your submission:
    - images of the proposed work (or relevant work) or a link to a website and/or youtube/vimeo
    - MAXIMUM of 6 images (72dpi @ 768 x 1024)
    description of the proposed work, including physical qualities, spatial and hanging needs,
    - technical requirements, etc. (max. 150 words, PDF only)
    brief artist statement and biography (max. 200 words, PDF only)
    - CV (2 pages MAX, PDF only)

    For addition information contact the curator of the project David Hanes:


    Five Videos: Jennifer Chan's I Like To Watch

    The correct, NSFW/original "I Like To Watch" by Chris Korda is hosted on his website: (Porn won't stay on YouTube)