Jeremy Rotsztain
Since 2004
Works in Portland, Oregon United States of America

Jeremy Rotsztain is a Portland, Oregon-based digital artist who, taking cues from the practice of painting, works with movies, images, and sound as a kind of malleable and expressive material. In his work, popular narratives, pixels, and sound bites are sampled, transformed, re-arranged and composed in an effort to examine the language and patterns of contemporary media and our shared cultural experiences. As part of his practice, Jeremy writes custom software, enabling him to collect, edit, and compose with his materials in hybrid and unconventional ways that aren't supported by existing commercial software applications.

His work has been screened, performed and exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt and the New York Hall of Science in NYC, Urban Screens in Melbourne, Subtle Technologies and InterAccess in Toronto, Electric Fields in Ottawa, SAT in Montreal, and New Forms Festival in Vancouver.