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Jim Andrews does http://vispo.com . He is a poet-programmer and audio guy. His work explores the new media possibilities of poetry, and seeks to synthesize the poetical with other arts and media.
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get together

i'm going to be in paris may 9 to june 11. let's get together if you're in
the area.

i'm staying on a houseboat on the seine moored along the quay of the
tuileries gardens.



Andrews and Aleph Null in Paris at Sorbonne in June

I'm a bit surprised and more than a little delighted that I'll be showing Aleph Null (http://vispo.com/aleph) in Paris at the Sorbonne at the &Now conference on innovative writing (http://andnowfestival.com) in June. And three kind scholars will be giving presentations on Aleph Null. Thanks to Leo Flores, Saemmer Alexandra, and Mark Marino for their interest in Aleph Null.

I'm delighted that my scholar friends and the people organizing the conference are interested in Aleph Null and in seeing it in a context of innovative writing; after all, it is a visual piece, is more evidently a work of programmerly visual art rather than of writing. But they are right that it's useful to see it in a writerly context. My site is a writing site; writing is what I've been doing for thirty years. The whole vispo.com site involves many approaches to writing and its involvement with other arts and media. And Aleph Null is indeed primarily a written thing; I wrote it in JavaScript. The only parts that weren't written in JavaScript or HTML 5 are the two logos, which I created in Photoshop, an image-making program. O ya and also the 192 screen shots and the icons thereof. But they're documentation of Aleph Null.

Poets are now also writers of zeroes and ones--but in the secret codes of art! You are the code breaker--some imagination required!






Upcoming talks by Jim Andrews in Seattle and Vancouver

Fri Jan 06, 2012 08:00 - Sat Jan 14, 2012

Vancouver, Canada

Usually if you experience my work at all, you experience it on my site
http://vispo.com . Since 1996 vispo.com has been the thing I've been working
on. Vispo.com is what happens to poetry when the 'page' becomes programmable
and the borders between media and arts begin to dissolve in binary acid.
And, for the past couple of years, I've been more interested in generative
art. There's quite a range of types of work on vispo.com. I try not to
repeat myself.

However, in January I'm giving three talks. Two in Vancouver BC and one in
Seattle. If you're around, I hope you can make at least one of them. Here's
info on the talks.

I'll be giving a short (10 min) talk at Hugo House in Seattle (1634 11th
Ave) at an event organized by people involved in 'electronic literature'.
I'm one of about ten people giving a short ten min presentation on a work of
e-lit. The event is from 8 to 10:30. I'm up third. The other people
presenting are Jason Nelson, John Cayley, Aaron Angello/Erin Costello, Ian
Bogost, Marjorie Luesebrink, Mark Marino, Nick Montfort, Stephanie
Strickland, Brian Kim Stefans, and Rob Wittig. There's also an exhibit of
works of 'electronic literature' associated with this event. The exhibit is
on display in the Washington Convention Center. Info at

I'll be giving a talk/presentation at SFU Surrey on quite a bit of my work.
SFU Surrey is at 250 -13450 102 Avenue Surrey. The talk is in room 5380 (5th
floor). The talk is sponsored by the School of Interactive Arts and
Technology at SFU. Info at
http://www.sfu.ca/siatclass/IAT805/January_11,_2012.html . See
http://www.siat.sfu.ca/contact for directions on how to get to SFU Surrey.

I'll be presenting my most recent work, Aleph Null, to a group of
professional JavaScript developers. This is part of an event featuring four
other speakers. See http://supervanjs.eventbrite.com to reserve a ticket,
for location info, and for info on the other speakers.

All the best of the new year to you!



These are and are not products of thought



These are and are not products of thought.

They are in that they are produced with a program I wrote in JavaScript
called Aleph Null.

They are not in that they were generated by Aleph Null and I did not
anticipate them. They come as a surprise to me.

Also surprising to me is their sometimes organic and also sexual quality or
associations. I wondered why they have these unintended properties.


My 'answer' is that the development and evolution of life involved related
dynamic processes of generation. The same process operates over a length of
a curve or an area to produce a simple or fundamental organic shape.

Most of these graphics are 1920x1080. Best to go fullscreen via your F11 key
or the View>Fullscreen menu option. Many of them thrive in darkness far
below the surface of consciousness; dim or turn off the lights. Many of them
are best viewed by the light of the moon. There are a total of 165 images.

You can view the captured specimens at
http://vispo.com/aleph/jim/index.htm?n=97 or you can view them in their
native interactive habitat at http://vispo.com/aleph/an.htm . However,
hunting beautiful ones requires a bit of practice. Like hunting butterflys,
beauty, or the snark. Best to follow the instructions at bottom right.




Why I am a Net Artist

Here's a new essay published on my site and on The Journal of Electronic Publishing in a special issue on digital poetry. 'Why I am a Net Artist' attempts to explain my folly and examine some of the properties of the medium

On Netartery:

On The Journal of Electronic Publishing: