Jim Plaxco is a digital artist specializing in abstract art, algorithmic art, astronomical art and space art. He is passionate about the creation of art using computer technology. "Art created using the computer as a creative tool is the frontier of art today and for the foreseeable future."

With 20 years of experience in the art of computer graphics, Jim has experienced first hand the many artistic advances of the digital revolution. In fact some of his art is created using graphics software of his own design.

"The art I choose to create is undertaken as both an intellectual challenge to myself and as a means of promoting those ideas and concepts to which I have a personal commitment."

Jim has judged art contests for both NASA and the National Space Society, and is a frequent lecturer on space art and digital art. As a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, he has used his experience with both astronomical and planetary image processing to create astronomical and planetary images using data from a variety of space missions to illustrate his educational presentations.

"I do not subscribe to the proposition that an artist should confine themselves to one subject and style but do subscribe to T.S. Eliot's idea that "No generation is interested in art in quite the same way as any other; each generation, like each individual, brings to the contemplation of art its own categories of appreciation, makes its own demands upon art, and has its own uses for art."
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online gallery call for artist portfolios

Hello Peter,
In the above announcement you say "please email the following information". To what email address do you want submissions sent?



Call for Figurative Art Competition

Given that they run online contests every month, I'd say it's a very nice income earner for someone - especially since it appears that the only award for winning one of the monthly contests is having your art shown on their web site.

Thanks but no thanks.



Kevin: Naturalism and the theory of evolution have absolutely nothing to do with my statement re the emperor.



I'm thinking that the emperor has no clothes.