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RECOMMENDED READING: Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior

Excerpt from Understanding Pac-Man Ghost Behavior by Chad Birch on GameInternals:

Each of the ghosts is programmed with an individual “personality”, a different algorithm it uses to determine its method of moving through the maze. Understanding how each ghost behaves is extremely important to be able to effectively avoid them...

The key to understanding ghost behavior is the concept of a target tile. The large majority of the time, each ghost has a specific tile that it is trying to reach, and its behavior revolves around trying to get to that tile from its current one. All of the ghosts use identical methods to travel towards their targets, but the different ghost personalities come about due to the individual way each ghost has of selecting its target tile. Note that there are no restrictions that a target tile must actually be possible to reach, they can (and often are) located on an inaccessible tile, and many of the common ghost behaviors are a direct result of this possibility...


Takeshi Murata at Ratio 3 in San Francisco

Golden Banana, 2011

Art and The Future, 2011

The Sisterhood, 2011

The Heretic, 2011

Takeshi Murata: Get Your Ass to Mars at Ratio 3
Apr 29 2011 - Jun 11 2011


Thumbnail Video of Archive Team Google Videos Project

Google Video Scraping Thumbnails by Perfinion

Video consists of one frame of each of the videos saved by a member of the Archive Team (via Nic Alderton.)

Google Videos content is no longer available for playback. The company has migrated videos to YouTube, after originally announcing on April 15th that users would be responsible for immediate content backup pending deletion. The Archive Team, lead by Jason Scott (textfiles), worked to download as many videos as possible in the meantime. Here's a recent interview with Scott on the CBC radio program Spark.

via upcoming Seven on Seven participant Andy Baio.


Banks of Beautiful Buttons

2010: The Year We Make Contact isn't quite as memorable as the Stanley Kubrick film that preceded it, still Russell Davies brings to our attention these "banks of beautiful buttons":


TV Segment on Pioneering Filmmaker Mary Ellen Bute

In 1999, British TV series The Dope Show profiled experimental animator Mary Ellen Bute (1906—1983.) Film editor Thelma Schoonmaker (who has since collaborated with Martin Scorsese on dozens of films) is interviewed. Also look for a young "Ronnie Walken," who appeared in one of her live-action films before changing his name to Christopher.