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The Accidental Archivist: Criticism on Facebook, and How to Preserve It

reading that fb thread with text-to-speech. Lol it started on Jan1, sometimes u need a holiday to get this kinda thread off the ground. I have read up till May 1 and thats only 33%!
also lol that so many comments are edited, maybe ill try to look through the revision history on each of them.Then a few ask how to link to the thread cuz they can never find it on their feeds and have to scroll through people's profile too far to find it. Then OP decides to make it a note and link to it that way, then some one tries to make them feel dumb they dont realize the link is the timestamp.
At times it is as ferocious at a PirateBay thread.


5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte (2011) - Manuel Palou

playing devil's advocate:
Isn't customer support and part of the market value of these products? Without being able to register the software you are left to rely on the generosity of forum users to answer questions about the product, and there is always that lingering fear of being caught.
Also, I downloaded this PDF and you are short the cost of a new Prius, $28,240. Maybe a better name for the piece might be "just under $5 million 1tb + however much you think its worth to be left solving problems on your own, constantly wondering if you accidently downloaded corrupt files File List