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Since 2006

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Art In Your Pocket 3: Sensor Driven iPad and iPhone Art Apps

a quick plug for an app i have just released. This work captures the ephemeral act of wandering and extends drawing into the use of new technology such as GPS recorders, to challenge the assumptions of what drawing is or might be. It takes inspiration from, amongst other artists, Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings, along with Ben Nicholson's reinterpretations of the landscape and his use of technological developments at the time.

The app creates drawings which are made from a combination of a walk I took, using GPS to capturing my locations - how far, how fast and how high I have travelled. This data is then combined with your location as picked up via your phones GPS and translated into images that develop frame by frame to create a moving image.

Each time you load this app you will see a new individual movie. The results are playful and seem almost random, but are drawn according to an exact set of guidelines. I see the code that I create as my pencil; I am sketching the landscape, interpreting the GPS data as an abstract visual.

The app for Android is available at;

Also based on this work I have made a film to be shown during the Olympics here in UK - Parallels and Meridians -- Beyond the Boundaries ( This uses a GPS recorded walk on Portland to draw the landscape I have walked through.


Exhibition of work by South West UK based artists

Full Spectrum
Exhibition of work by South West UK based artists demonstrating
a range of interpretations of the colour and chemistry theme. Featuring three abstract animations by Joe Stevens. These explore the power of pure colour, light and simple graphic shapes to create digital animations that I hope evoke a joyful exuberance. Light, colour and randomness are the connecting themes in this body of work. Informed by a range of influences from the constructivists through the pop art movement and inspired by the St Ives school of paintings realised in a contemporary visual form.

This body of work involves images that are generated using code, which randomly places a set of images into the picture frame, depending on a set of rules. This creates experimental abstractions that fuse technology with the visual arts.

To see more of my work please visit:

Exhibition on: Saturday 22nd July