John Michael Boling
Since 2005
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

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»Talking Popcorn« is a sound sculpture that evolved out of Nina Katchadourian’s interest in language, translation, and Morse Code. A microphone in the cabinet of the popcorn machine picks up sound of popping corn, and a computer hidden in the pedestal runs a custom written program that translates the popping sounds according to the patterns and dictates of Morse Code. A computer generated voice provides a simultaneous spoken translation.


New Net DOT Art: Digital Pogs

I have a new Net DOT Art project called Digital Pogs.

Digital Pogs are like real pogs but digital. Check out my Digital Pog Page to see the Digital Pogs I've got in my collection and learn how to make your own. Once you've made 'em, you can for my collection, or start your own Digital Pog collection.

Thanks to Matt Smear, Karthik Pandian, Emily Spivack, John Michael Boling, Jeff Sisson, Charles Broskoski, E*Rock, Tom Moody, Guthrie Lonergan, Sarafina Engfer and Paper Rad for getting in on the ground floor.


most wanted man

i wrote a program to average out the photos of the fbi’s ten most wanted. this is what showed up:

lesson learned: beware of helmet hair.


Lev Manovich Lecture on

carlos rosas:

Sorry about the late announcement...this was just recently confirmed... will be webcasting (and immediately archiving via streaming video) a lecture by Lev Manovich for the New Media Program at Penn State University...the live event info:

The John M. Anderson Visiting Artist and Scholars Speakers Series, the New Media Art Program and the School of Visual Arts (SoVA) at Penn State University are proud to present:

Lev Manovich, Artist, Author, New Media Theorist

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 6:00 pm (eastern)

"After Effects + Photoshop + Illustrator:
design software and contemporaryvisual culture"

for more information please visit:


Carlos Rosas