John Michael Boling
Since 2005
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America


So, The Rhizome Team is getting together for our weekly staff meeting around 3ish tomorrow. (Our staff meetings are catered by the fine folks at Le Cirque and sometimes start fifteen minutes late to allow the wine to breathe and the caviar to chill) One of the things on the agenda tomorrow is to decide which of the fabulous favicons that you have created to pick as the winner of the FAVICONTEST. This means you have around 24 hours left to contribute your own design for our new favicon. Even if you don't have the urge to submit your own creation you should definitely take a look at what folks have been able to come up with so far. Thanks again to everyone that has submitted, and keep em coming!

PSYCHE, we are lucky to have 3 banana flavored laffy taffys to split


Machines (2000) - Rita McBride

Picture 1.png

[Ed. Note - Image above clipped from Tom Moody's fascinating writeup "Video Games and Contemporary Sculpture."]


Slot Machine (2010) - Jan Robert Leegte


It all started when, on a trip to Germany, I was resting at the hotel bar. My glare was fixed on a slot machine endlessly running its attract mode. Snapping out of the (meanwhile) mesmerised state I was in, I wondered if I could isolate this obscure animation as a work. Back home, I obtained a machine and stripped it of its information (the glass plates, the reels, stickers, sounds, etc). The work basically is a tribute to the unknown programmer. The obscure unknown artist responsible for all the animations, start up modes, test modes, etc. of all the electronic hard- and software out there in the world. It is a found footage work, footage hidden in the interface of an ordinary nameless gambling machine.



Dear Y'all,

For awhile now I have been quite annoyed with Rhizome's favicon---> Our current favicon feels a little clunky and if you ask me it is high time for a change. I have tried and failed several times to create one that is more elegant and after some careful consideration and consultation with the Rhizome team I think it is time to turn to our community for a favicon refresh. So for the next week, I invite all of you to try your hand at creating a favicon for Rhizome. If you would like to submit a design simply create a 16x16 pixel png/gif/jpg file, upload it to your server/tumblr/blog and embed it as a comment on this thread. You have until March, 10th 2010 to enter at which point the Rhizome staff will get together and choose a winner. The winning icon will replace our current one and we will add a credit somewhere on the site that links to an URL of your choosing. (Full Disclosure: The credit link will probably be small and at the bottom of a page somewhere, but come on.... bragging rights? google rank improvement?) Can't wait to see what sorts of big ideas you can come up with with such a small canvas.

Happy Hunting,

John Michael Boling

If you don't have access to a server to host your submission please feel free to e-mail it to me at jm.boling[at] with the subject "FAVICONTEST" and I will upload and post it to this thread for you.