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Assistant Professor of New Media

Sun May 05, 2013 15:35

Orono, Maine
United States of America

The University of Maine seeks a tenure-track, academic-year joint appointment for the New Media Department and Intermedia Program, effective August 2013. We seek a candidate with an established career in one or more areas of New Media, such as participatory media, interactive technologies, mobile apps, physical computing, or Web development, as well as work in, or knowledge of, Intermedia. The responsibilities of the position will be to teach a 3/2 load split between the New Media undergraduate program and the Intermedia MFA program, serve on or chair graduate MFA thesis committees and oversee undergraduate research projects, conduct an active and ongoing program of research and creative work, serve on program committees for both units and actively provide service to the New Media department.

Candidates must have a track record as change agents and the ability to inspire students in their creative endeavors. Candidates should have strong record of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level, and the flexibility to adapt to changing times and an evolving curriculum emphasizing creativity, critical thinking and applied innovative practices. The position requires a willingness to work collaboratively with colleagues in multiple departments and engage in research and teaching that cross specializations/disciplines creating new hybrid practices. The candidate's background must prepare her or him for taking advantage of the audiovisual and fabrication facilities in the University of Maine's new Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center (, with emphasis on real world engagement and contributions to the local economy.

While technical and design fluency in one or more areas central to digital culture, including software development, is required candidates must also understand the aesthetic, economic, political, and ethical implications of maker culture. Candidates are required to have a MFA or PhD in a creative field, with the exception of candidates with extraordinary, internationally recognized experience in a creative capacity.

To apply, see instructions at


Digital Curation Graduate Certificate

Mon Aug 27, 2012 08:30

United States of America

Digital Curation Graduate Certificate
University of Maine
Online classes begin September 2012

The ability to organize digital files for maximum understanding and longevity has crept its way into the job descriptions of photographers and public servants, scholars and studio musicians. This online, 6-course certificate trains professionals in best practices for collecting, cataloging, putting online, and preserving digital artifacts.

Whether your interest is Picasso or Pinterest, you'll find classes here that help you turn information overload into meaning and impact. The first course begins September 2012.


#DigitalArchivesDay: Anti-Aliasing Arcangel

It's true that many of Arcangel's early "dirt style" works don't make sense as emulations, for the same reason that Paik's rewired TV consoles don't: the meaning of the work is bound up with the constraints of the original hardware/software.

That said, the beauty of digits is that we can have the original version and the new one as well. In his interview for the show Seeing Double: Emulation As a Preservation Strategy, Arcangel suggested that sometimes he would be willing to add an emulated version that departs from the original technology, just to make a version of the work accessible to more viewers in the future.

The only way to know if that's how he feels about Data Diaries is to ask him. That's what the Variable Media Questionnaire is for.


Prod your university into the 21st century

If you look at the criteria by which most peer committees evaluate their faculty, "new media academic" would seem to be a contradiction in terms. Prefer to build social networks or data visualizations than publish in obscure dead-tree journals? Want academic cred for posting to Rhizome? Then push back with these spanking-new guidelines for the Internet age:

"New Criteria for New Media" (white paper)

"Promotion and Tenure Guidelines" (sample redefined criteria)

Combined version (via ThoughtMesh):

Originally developed at the University of Maine for our New Media Department, these standards are starting to get the attention of new media departments in the US and elsewhere. They were just published in the Winter 2009 issue of Leonardo magazine with the aim of stimulating debate. So if you have any comments or questions, fire away!

Still Water--what networks need to thrive.


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