Jorge Hernández
Since 2007

Jorge Hernández Cerda, is a sociologist from the Catholic University of Chile an Master in Interactive Systems, Digital Design & Arts of MECAD / ESDi, Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona. He teaches Multimedia at the Alberto Hurtado University and has been a permanent collaborator of EAC, Communication Arts Center in the same university. Editor and Webmaker of the electronic magazine EAC // MAGAZINE.
During his first years of work he was related with the big companies world, being Project Manager of Santander Group Chile. There, he managed digital communication projects such as the development of Intranets. After that, he was webmaster of and co-performer of Virtual Dance, one of the first works sponsored by the Chilean Government Arts Fund. He has developed varied online and multimedia initiatives and given several lectures in the field of New Media. See portfolio in


Raimundo Hamilton Cruchaga, Designer borned in Santiago of Chile and Master in Interactive Systems of MECAD / ESDi, Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona. He studied in the Catholic University of Chile becoming an audiovisual and multimedia specialist. Teacher of several software courses in postgraduate programs in the same university, he has also worked in Experience Design Workshops.
In 2004 he co-founded the School of Design in Talca University, being today professor and the academic coordinator. While in the university, Hamilton coursed a Minor in Aesthetics and Art History. Later, he takes in Barcelona a course organized by MECAD in New Media Preservation and the use of New Technologies. He has also shared experimental filmmaking and production activities with Andrés Bustamante, creating personal animation systems based on multiple synchronized TV.