Joseph DeLappe
Since 2002
Works in Reno, Nebraska United States of America

Joseph DeLappe is a media artist and educator. Working with electronic and new media since 1983, his work in online gaming performance, installation and sculpture have been shown throughout the United States and abroad. His work engages politics, war, work, play, protest and human/machine relations. Much of his work over the past decade involves taking creative agency in online shooter games and virtual communities. The intent is to create works that are formally and aesthetically engaging while conceptually connecting with the everyday; to reify the ordinary into the extraordinary; to intervene in social and political realities, both real and virtual.

His works have been exhibited throughout the world. Projects have been written about and/or he was interviewed in the following media contexts: , , The New York Times , CNN domestic and international, NPR (National Public Radio), CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company), and The Sydney Morning Herald . He is a native of San Francisco and has resided in Reno, with his wife and twin daughters since 1993.
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Sea Level Rising: Rubber Stamp Currency Intervention

Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:15

United States of America

”Sea Level Rising” is a creative response to the issues surrounding climate change. This is a participatory crowd sourced project, inviting anyone to join in to stamp their money with a graphic representation of sea level rise on the front and/or back of cash. All stamped cash is then photographed and uploaded to the project website which serves as a growing archive of the project.

Visit this link to participate!

This is the third in a series of rubber stamps for intervening upon currency. Also available are all three stamps in a Activist Rubber Stamp Starter Kit, visit any of the project websites for details: and


Hands Up Don't Shoot! Currency Intervention

Mon Jan 01, 2018 06:35

United States of America

This is an open call for anyone to participate in this project to stamp the iconic image of a black male in a position of surrender upon the surface of American currency. Hands Up Don’t Shoot! is a creative response to the ongoing killings of unarmed black males by the police. This participatory project seeks to intervene upon the very currency of our economic system with a hand stamped image of protest.

Order yours today!

The is the second rubber stamp intervention project initiated by media artist Joseph DeLappe. Visit a recent and ongoing project "In Drones We Trust" ( to view hundreds of posted images of currency stamped with a Predator Drone.


In Drones We Trust

Sat Oct 18, 2014 00:00 - Sat Dec 31, 2016

In Drones We Trust, 2014 - Joseph DeLappe
Crowd Sourced, Participatory Rubber Stamp Currency Intervention



A participatory project inviting volunteers across the United States to rubber stamp a tiny image of an MQ1 Predator Drone on the back of their money. The idea came after closely examining U.S. currency - all but the $1 dollar bill feature a pastoral depiction of a notable government building or monument on the back of the bills, albiet with lonely, empty skies. It seems appropriate, considering our current use of drones in foreign skies, to symbolically bring them home to fly over our most notable patriotic structures. I've created 100 of these laser etched and hand assembled rubber stamps which are currently being shared with volunteer participants throughout the United States and a few internationally.

I've invited participants in the project to each send me one image of a stamped bill, noting location and date where the bill was stamped and put back into circulation. Further images will be posted in the coming weeks.
#dronestamp, #indroneswetrust


Me and My Predator - Personal Drone System

Mon Sep 08, 2014 00:00 - Mon Dec 31, 2018

San Francisco, United States of America

Artist Joseph DeLappe announces the completion of "Me and My Predator - Personal Drone System". A finely detailed 1/72nd scale plastic model of a Predator Drone is suspended on a carbon fiber rod connected to a custom made aluminum c-clamp/head band attached to the head. The Personal Drone System is designed for insecurity and comfort - to simulate using analog technologies what it might be like to live under droned skies...

Build your own! - link to an extensive and detailed description of the process of building this piece on


Digital Media Sabbatical Replacement University of Nevada, Reno

Wed May 14, 2014 00:00

Reno, Nevada
United States of America

The Art Department at the University of Nevada, Reno, is recruiting for a 3/4 time one-year temporary, non-tenure track Lecturer to instruct classes in digital media in an interdisciplinary context. Candidates should have a wide range of skills in the field of contemporary interdisciplinary digital media art, with abilities to address a diverse range of digital processes for creative production, including: 2D imaging, 3D modeling/printing, game art, time-based media, installation and performance. The person who is hired will be required to teach courses at all levels of our undergraduate digital media program. Responsibilities include teaching digital media classes including: Digital Media I, Sound and Image, Critical Play: Computer Games and Art, Advanced Digital Media and Problems in Digital Media. If qualified, candidates may be invited to teach New Media Art in Context, Seminar on Art and Technology, Performance Art or Art in Public Places. (

The Department of Art at the University of Nevada offers BA Studio and Art History options, BFA Interdisciplinary and MFA Interdisciplinary degree programs. The University of Nevada, Reno is the leading research enterprise in Nevada’s higher-education system. We are interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.

AA/EEO Women and under-represented are encouraged to apply.

Deadline May 14th, 2014.

Please visit the link for complete application requirements.