Joshua Davis
Since 2002
Works in Port Washington United States of America

Joshua Davis is a New York based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions.

Since 1995, Joshua Davis has been using technology and computers as a medium to create projects that an Apple Pro Profile touted as infinitely interesting.
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Art In Your Pocket

hello hello hello

I don't want to get in to deep here... but while in Korea... I did some poking around for multi-touch tables, as I had heard it was a good market to find these types of things. The starting cost for most of the table kits was 5 to 6 thousand and up.

until costs come down... wide spread use of a multi-touch device to create work for mass consumption is just to far off at the moment.

oh... wait.

yeah, I can only say for myself... but having a multi-touch platform for under a few hundred bucks available right now on both iPhone and iPod touch is what drove us to experiment on this platform in the first place. ok ok ok yes it's mobile... but mobile was not the #1 driving force for us... Multi-touch was... being mobile was the icing on the cake.

so nick... or anybody else for that matter... instead of complaining... build us an AFFORDABLE multi-touch / mobile device with a solid OS (unix/linux preferably) and platform for delivering content and we will all experiment and publish content for it.

For me... it's not how difficult the apple platform is for creating/publishing content... it's that it happens to be the best... out of box... affordable device... with all the features we'd like to develop with at the moment. So today is the day Nick... today is the day that you start your hardware/software company to satisfy all the needs and concerns of yourself and all of us. If you need a punch list of features and methods I personally would like to see implemented... I can e-mail you.

and while your working... I'll keep publishing under Apple's umbrella... until someone is brave enough to MAKE something that's better... instead of just TALKING about how things can be better.