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Re: Type-Based Image Generation

Lost these files/art object in a server crash... somthing else of interest may be this political satire flash game i built a few years ago -


The war is over...

It seems that soon the IRAQ war will be over. This is when the motives of US policy will come to light.. Opening the doors of Oil RICH Iraq to Business and trade. Bush States "The Oil belongs to the Iraqi people" I submit that he means, the oil belongs to the Iraqi people, and big energy companies from the USA will be the "guardians" and "administrators" of that oil, for a share of the profits of course.

Take a look at this flash game that explores the influence of big money on washington.


Who wants to be president?

After accepting the art object for inclusion into the artbase (March 6th), the work has yet to be seen on
Wonder what the reason could be?
See for yourself.
See what decides domestic and foreign policy in Washington.
See why the USA is really fighting the war in IRAQ.