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Hi - My name is Joe and I own and have been building Minneapolis web design and Minneapolis SEO for local Twin Cities residents for almost 24 years - Yep! I remember when Yahoo! was "Jerry's guide to the world wide web", and have forgotten more than most know about the two. Please give me a shout if you're interested in having me put your business in the #1 position of Google for your business niche in your specific region - Reach me at 651-263-3220 - I look forward to speaking with you!
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Oneohtrix Point Never and Nate Boyce's Performance at MoMA PopRally

I'm a music lover and play in America - Have for 29 years ...The thing that fascinates me is all the cultural differences that influence local music around the country - I hope that one day, all musicians can safely say that they stay off the sauce - wish I had, but it's things like this that saved me and brought me back to the real world of great music!