Justin Simoni
Since the beginning
Works in Denver, Colorado United States of America

Justin Simoni is currently defending his spot as one of the most talented and hardest working individuals at the celebrated, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) located in Denver Colorado.

Receiver of the 2004 Steele Family Award for Creativity and Innovation, as well as the Gold Award in the mixed/computer/alternative category, Simoni mixed computer programming, oil paint and digital film process movies in a wide variety of interesting and unique ways to create a completely rich and awe-inspiring experience.

Simoni's talent spans both written fiction, traditional painting materials and techniques and experimental uses of computer technology and programming.

It's this duality of left brain/right brain cooperation that allows Simoni to forge such powerful pieces.

Justin Simoni has shown in Denver at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCART), The Pirate Gallery Alternative space and Andenken Gallery.

Simoni currently maintains and runs:




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Free! Brunch. 2005 DVD of Eccentricities - first five people!

The next five people from this list that sign up with their snail
mail address here:


Will get sent my, Brunch: 2005 DVD - 95 minutes of Prrrformance art +
some whacky stuff. Put something about rhizome in the, "How are you?"
box and get ready to be mildly enthralled!

Justin Simoni


THE NEXT BIG THING.... Walks! - DVD available for Free!


So I'm doing this gigantic project that has to do with a character I
created called, THE NEXT BIG THING. He thinks he can become famous on
basically, will power alone. He holds strange publicity stunts to try
to get attention from the local press. A few weeks ago, he walked a 6'
by 6' painting 4 miles through downtown denver, completely covered in
fliers with his face on them. Really. Here's some reading material:


I made a rough cut of the movie (~ 10:00), and I'll be happy to send a
copy of it, signed to anyone who joins my snail mailing list. Most
likely, it'll begin a sort of nu correspondence school:


Sorry if this all ain't *strictly* net art, but I'm in the (very
incredibly) humble opinion that organizing artwork by its medium is
less than optimal.

Anyways, sign up, get a DVD, yadda yadda.

.: art http://justinsimoni.com
.: phone 720 436 7701

PS: THE NEXT BIG THING is /single/!



Artist's Call for Entries Wanted

Hello all,

In sort of an experiment (for myself) I've whipped up a Artist's Call
for Entries site at:


The site has standards-compliant xHTML, a separate print stylesheet,
rss feeds for each and every category and a weekly mailing list.
Entries are free to post and view. I'm fairly amazed at how fast I was
able to get this site working - behold! The power of Perl!

Add this address to your addressbook to send your press releases about
your Call for Entries:


I'm hoping that this will become a good resource, but I need your help,


Justin Simoni | http://justinsimoni.com | 720 436 7701


Young Bloods Opening in Denver, CO, USA - May 7th

Hey Everyone,

I'll be in a show entitled, "Young Bloods", opening this Friday at the
Andenken Gallery on 21st and Market, Denver, CO. The show opening is
from 6 - 10 and runs to the end of the month. Here's the postcard:


I'll be showing some of my more systemic/computerish work, including,

:: Nicole, 512:

:: Words are Sweet Sounds for Objects Unreal:

and the current apex of my Flattened Origami work - a twelve painting

If you're in the area, please try and make it out. There will be food
and refreshments available and this is, as always, a free event,


Justin Simoni
http://skazat.com - the meta sketchbook
http://justinsimoni.com - the finished things
http://prolix.nu - the computer art


Re: you are being mapped

Well that's the coolest thing I've seen all day. And I'm in the center! Ha!
That's odd, because my "day job" is working on a mailing list manager:


If there's anything you'd like to integrate in the application level of my
MLM, like some sort of interesting API, let me know :) It may make an
interesting side project, as I'm going to be beefing up the Discussion list
support of it in a few weeks time.

Justin Simoni | http://justinsimoni.com | 720 436 7701

- Starving artist by day,
- Poetic philosopher by night
- Computer programmer in the wee hours.

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