Karl Cleveland
Since the beginning
Works in Encinitas, California United States of America

Me? Much of my work and play revolves around my lives as a student (a terminal condition, I'm afraid), a teacher (a more recent malady), a digital media artist (I was infected with the Apple IIE virus at age 12), and a web designer.

As a student, I've recently completed a Master of Arts in Communication with a Mass Communication and Media Studies emphasis at San Diego State University. Now, I'm an MFA art student at SDSU, focusing on design and interactive media.

As a teacher, I have regular "adjunct faculty" gigs at San Diego City College, teaching Introduction to Multimedia and Honors Multimedia Production there. I've also taught at San Diego Mesa College and San Diego State University.

As an artist and designer, I am interested in the myriad possibilities in interactive multimedia as both an art and communication medium. I like things that blur the line between art and technology. I like bringing multimedia art "out of the box" and into the gallery. Beyond this, I want to use art to provoke a critical/rhetorical examination of mass media and consumer culture. I am interested in how our media, especially corporate, advertising-driven media (as if there is any other kind), function as forces of socialization and social production.

As a web designer, I pay my bills. I invite you to hire me. I have a strong background in design and communications, and am familiar with most all of the cutting-edge production tools for web and CD-ROM development.

Visit my site at: http://karlcleveland.com