Since 2005

Kerstin von Locquenghien // born in Siegburg, Northrhein-Westfalia, Germany in 1981 // studied communication design and media art i.a. with Olia Lialina and Diedrich Diederichsen at Merz Akademie Hochschule für Gestaltung Stuttgart // net project „Who are you? Then this is me!“ (, July 2004) dealing with publicity and privacy on the internet // experimental travel weblog (, February 2005) // virtual reality project “RABBIT HOLE” (in cooperation with Laura Oldenbourg, February 2005) playing with an anti-ergonomic navigation in virtual space // narrative RFID installation „TAGGED! Stolen things.“ (, July 2005) dealing with the controversially discusses identification technology RFID // jury member of the „1000$ PAGE CONTEST 2005“ ($/, 2005) hosted by Olia Lialina.