Kevin J Pocock
Since 2007

I am fascinated by the thoughts, memories and dreams we carry with us each day. The ones that make us tick. I present these ideas in a semi-abstract, defined architectural space, often using common symbols and elements. I like to incorporate the universal to represent the very personal. Private thoughts made public. The internal made external.

My work consists of paintings, drawings and digital media. Each piece starts as a very small, rough, spontaneous sketch. I jot an idea down wherever I might be and later select from these to make small, precise, coloured pencil drawings. I choose from these to create a larger piece. Usually this is an acrylic painting on canvas but it could be a digital animation. The final work is very close in spirit to the original sketch.

I like to contrast smooth paint with rougher, textured areas. I enjoy playing with symmetry and asymmetry, and mixing different architectural representations of space - perspective, elevation and 3D projections such as axonometric and isometric.

I was brought up in Dorset, on the south coast of England. My memories of that landscape and coastline, together with my studies as an architect at Cambridge University, has helped form and direct my work. I love creating new spaces and mixing the artistic with the technical.

I try to achieve an effective simplicity. No more no less. A quiet contemplation. A private moment.