Kimberly Kradel
Since 2011
Works in San Francisco, California United States of America

artist . writer . photographer

Born in Michigan in 1957, raised in the back woods of Western Pennsylvania, moved to California in 1979 on a Greyhound bus, with a change of clothes, my camera in my bag, and ten dollars in my pocket.

Studied both photography and painting, getting my B.A. in Studio Art from Sonoma State University in California in 1985.

My work is multidisciplinary, I use whatever materials are at hand. The concept behind my work is my fascination with the archaeology of time and space. I am interested in tearing through the concept of linear time and discovering new ways to see and use the universe as an art form. Chaos theory and communication are also common elements in my work.

Recently Published: "L A G T I M E | San Francisco"
Preview the book/work here:

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Call for participation

Yes, leaving comments, or even joining art related membership sites, is a great way to show us if our editorial work is valued. As an artist who takes time out of the studio to run a site related to art and cultural travel - promoting traveling for the sake of art - I often times wonder if anyone cares about the content I produce ... So yes, when you visit an editorial site, make sure to leave a relevant comment!


Space related works

I like the idea of the weightless sculpture within the architectural spaces.


What is happening to rhizome?

This was this first year that I actually supported Rhizome with a donation. Prior to this, I thought that Rhizome was interesting, but it didn't really fit with my work. But now my work has, or one of my series has, moved into the digital realm, albeit conservatively, and I find that there is a lot of information on the site that interests me.

I don't feel connected to it in a community way, and sometimes I don't get the editorial concepts, but I do feel it has value.