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The Shape of Shaping Things to Come

love the speculative fiction, but this is just a weird article.

it feels like it's on the outside of pop culture/ (including the "download" ad in the screenshots...?) and on the outside of hacker/maker culture (there's no mention of but in general i feel like anyone excited by 'physibles' just hasn't been paying enough attention to the reprap+makerbot communities.

there are also some weird assumptions about how 3d scanning and 3d printing will evolve hand in hand. the two technologies are following very different routes. people who own 3d printers aren't usually trying to replicate things, they're trying to design things that don't exist in the first place. 3d reverse engineering software is still massively expensive and niche.

i'm sure the future described here will eventually come to pass, but it's not going to emerge from present technology (extrusion printing and handheld 3d scanners).



I was expecting this to be a reference to the two very common comments: "fake" ('shopped), and "fail" (epic fail). I feel like those two words, taken in that context, could be just as effective an aesthetic.


I visited last week, and most enjoyed the "Lie Detector Reports". Additional audio would just make the piece busy, and it feels more calm and introspective to me.

I went with some Danish friends who haven't seen anything like this before, and they were taken aback by "Harm". They (presumably) didn't notice the acoustic separation of the voice, and could only watch it for ten seconds (with raised eyebrows) before needing to stop.

I was really curious to hear "The Subliminal Projection Company", but I think it was "broken". I didn't hear anything coming out of any of the headphones. I considered for a moment that this was how it was supposed to be, but decided that couldn't possibly be the case as there would be no reason to have four different versions.


People in pizza slice costumes becoming pizzas (2009) - Xavier Barrade

I'm don't think this belongs next to the following posts, but I really like this project. It reminds me of Daniel Luphoa Chew's "Healing".



Tue Jun 30, 2009 00:00 - Tue Jun 30, 2009

Custom keylogger, tweeting every 140 characters I type. An exploration of information ownership and the boundary between "information" and "control".


Source and technical discussion here. More theoretic context from Dan Paluska.