Since 2005

Australian artist Anita Fontaine works in the realm of interactive, motion and new media. She creates conceptually challenging and surreal experiences to expand the parameters of new media and the moving image. Her previous installations, which include CuteXdoom, a videogame-mod which explores the obsession with cuteness in Japanese culture, has been exhibited internationally.

She has lived in the mountains of Canada, where she worked at the Banff New Media Institute designing location based mobile experiences. Her latest peice, a GPS based worked entitled Ghostgarden, takes the viewer out of the museum on a cinematic journey around a garden environment. Ghostgarden was exhibited in and around the Ars Nova museum in Finland early in 2007.

Anita also works as a commercial artist. Currently she is bringing her hyper-real sensibilities to work with her at the award winning advertising agency Modernista!, in Boston USA. Here she works as an interactive art director with her creative partner Geoff Lillemon. Due to the demand for their unique creative style, they recently opened the boutique studio Champagne Valentine to cater to a tasteful selection of clients such as Vh1 and Diesel.

She considers life a fairytale.