Lee Wells
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Lee Wells is an artist, exhibition organizer and consultant currently living and working New York. His artwork primarily questions systems of power and control and has been exhibited internationally including the 51 st La Biennale Di Venezia, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinatti and the Museo d'arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. He is a co-founder and director of IFAC-arts, http://www.ifac-arts.org, an alternative exhibition and installation program for artists and curators.
His artwork, projects and exhibitions have been written about by various national and international art and news publications to include: The New York Times, Art Newspaper, The Washington Post, Art in America, and Art Net.

Wells is currently a curator at large and Cinema-Scope director for Scope Art Fairs http://www.scope-art.com. In January 2006, he co-founded the video art community research portal and traveling installation [PAM] http://PerpetualArtMachine.com, with the artists Raphaele Shirley, Chris Borkowski and Aaron Miller.
Wells has been participating on the Rhizome since 1998.

John Cage Trust Moves To Bard

The John Cage Trust is moving to Bard College. "The Trust, which oversees Cage's works and performances, is to be called the John Cage Trust at Bard College effective as of its move in the spring. Previously, the Cage Trust had been housed in the Archive Building in the West Village in Manhattan; after 9/11 Kuhn and the Trust moved to Phoenix, Arizona."
Listen : John Cage - in love with another sound
documentary film (1992)
director: miroslav sebestik




festival: April 25 - 29 2007
exhibition: April 25 - May 20 2007

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web: www.emaf.de

postal address:
Lohstrasse 45a
D - 49074 Osnabruck

20 Years of the European Media Art Festival - the forum for Expanded Media in Europe

The meeting point for audiences and guests from home and abroad. Around 250 new works of media art, including world premieres, will be presented. The festival shows film as a contemporary work of art in cinemas and exhibitions, both performed and using multimedia.

The exhibition "Final Cut" directs our view to the relationship between media art and cinema. From 25 April to 20 May an artistic look at the dream machine "cinema" will be given at the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche. International artists will demonstrate their fascination with cinema, but will also question the values, codes and patterns behind the films. Works will be presented by artists such as Paul McCarthy, Alex McQuilkin, Mischa Kuball, Klaus vom Bruch, Candice Breitz, Mark Lewis, Christoph Girardet, Bjorn Melhus, Peter Tscherkassky, Christoph Draeger, Clemens von Wedemeyer and Pierre Huyghe. There will also be plenty of opportunity to participate in talks with the artists and attend lectures on the subject. The exhibition is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.

// Anniversary
A review of media art will be given by our special guests, the director of the ZKM, Peter Weibel, Lynn Hershman, Birgit Hein of the fur Bildende Kunste Braunschweig and Malcolm LeGrice, who will be showing their personal selection of films.

// Cinema
Around 180 current experimental shorts, feature-length films and videos have been selected from a total of roughly 2000 works submitted from around the world. They range from narrative approaches to documentary/analytical views of war events and environmental problems. Visually walking the borderline ...


Web 2.0: An Explanation

Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, has created a four minute video that captures what Web 2.0 and social media is all about.

Web20TheMachineisUsingUs -


Visualizing the Blogosphere

TwinglyIt's old news (to some), but I finally got around to playing with the Twingly blog visualizer (via 3PointD). For those who can't tell from the picture to the right or from the video at the bottom of this post, Twingly is a downloadable application that displays a rotating 3D globe that includes plotted locations of blog posts as they occur in real-time. Basically, the longer you let it run, the more you'll see where blog activity is occurring around the globe. Statistics for each country are available in the big ring circumnavigating the globe. The application is available for download here and you can even turn it into your screensaver.

Google has something similar to this at their headquarters that plots geographic search volumes on a giant globe, also, although that isn't available for public consumption. Overall, the direct marketing applications of something like this are probably pretty low, but it may provide for interestingly analysis and it's certainly an excellent graphical representation of the blogosphere.

Another great example of this is the 3DLiveStats.com application (the link appears to be down at the moment), which allows you to plot data from any external database on a giant 3D globe.

Twinglyscreensavervisualizingtheblogosphere -




Tuesday, February 27, 7pm
School of Visual Arts
209 East 23 Street
3rd-floor Amphitheater
Free and open to the public

The BFA Fine Arts and Art History Departments at School of Visual Arts (SVA) present, Digital Diving: A Cut and Paste Update, a discussion of digital culture and its impact on the visual arts and information technologies. Moderated by Suzanne Anker, chair of the BFA Fine Arts Department at SVA, the program will explore the uses and abuses of such technologies as they effect knowledge acquisition and its manipulation, new media models of the visual and altered configurations of communities. The panelists are Lauren Cornell, Joseph Nechvatal, Judith Solodkin, Bruce Wands and McKenzie Wark. The event takes place Tuesday, February 27, 7pm at School of Visual Arts, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City. Admission is free. For more information, call 212.592.2010. read more


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Mykonos Biennale: Pirate States 2013

Sat Jun 22, 2013 22:25 - Mon Sep 02, 2013


Crisis and Paganism
1st Mykonos Biennale - Cine Manto
June 21-24, 2013

ARTISTS: Alison Williams, Betty Tompkins, Colette Lumiere and Friedericke Schaefer, [dNASAb], Eve Vaterlaus and Peter Fend, Gary Indiana, Gregory de la Haba, Heide Hatry, Katie Peyton,
Lee Wells, Marjan Moghaddam, O Zhang, and Pierrot.

ORGANIZERS: Katie Peyton and Lee Wells

Peanut Underground is proud to present “Pirate States” at the 1st Mykonos Biennale.

The avant-garde has returned. A new supermodern aesthetic is here: a new awareness formed in wake of cultural post-traumatic stress, institutional corruption, and postmodern complacency. All these crises are caused by a general disrespect for new ideas. Time is marching on.

The Pirate States are geographically located between hyperreality and the glitch, in the slipstream of the spectacle. Descending from the Cloud, art exists as actual and potential energy, as performance, as memory. It does not ask to be understood, only to be freed.

These artists create work with no fixed shape or location: nomadic artifacts that jump the rails of the global surveillance state. The avant-garde is on the attack.

We are flash mobs and creative insurgencies, kitenic undergrounds with virile digitalia. Armed with new ideas coming from deep space, ancient myth and Antarctica, artists now engage in a borderless discourse unpredictably more complicated than ever before. Necessity demands new forms.

Godard said, “The so-called ‘digital’ is not a mere technical medium, but a medium of thought. And when modern democracies turn technical thought into a separate domain, those modern democracies incline towards totalitarianism.”

Jorn said, “The avant-garde doesn’t give up.”

The avant-garde is essential to our survival. What will emerge is left open. We are. It is.

Crisis and Paganism addresses the failures of global capitalism in the 21st century, as manifested by the current economic crisis in Greece and its overall effects on networked society. But as we acknowledge the pending collapse of corrupt capitalist systems, we celebrate the infinite spirit of creation. We call out to the ancient gods for new knowledge and inspiration, and to grant us the vision and fortitude to free ourselves from all forms of repression and austerity. The festival strives to cultivate a fresh energy, through the creative convergence of artists and thinkers, in the hopes of reflecting a new positive light back into the world.

The First Mykonos Biennale is an artist-run, avant-garde festival of new media, film and art. Opening on the Summer Solstice, the Biennale brings over 100 international artists to the ancient islands of Mykonos and Delos, Greece to present their work and address this year’s theme, “Crisis and Paganism.“

Artistic Director: Lydia Venieri
Executive Producer: Andonis Kioukas
Curators: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Katie Peyton, Lee Wells, and Ed Steinberg.

Press inquiries contact
Katie Peyton or Lee Wells: nyc(att)peanutunderground.com



Action For Freedom, New Works by Lee Wells

Thu Feb 17, 2011 18:00 - Sun Mar 13, 2011

New York City, New York
United States of America

Rooster Gallery Contemporary Art presents “Action For Freedom: New Works by Lee Wells”, featuring new video action paintings from the “Soul Series.” with a catalog essay by Lara Pan.
Opening Reception Thursday February 17th, 2011 - 6-9 pm
Lee Wells (born 1971), offers a complex intermix of images, which engage issues of war, sexuality, freedom and liberation. Deeply rooted in the history of painting and dialogue of the Avant-garde, “Action For Freedom,” presents portraits of humanity as an attempt to create order within the chaos, confusion and wonder of the early 21st century.
Wells juxtaposes two distinct bodies of work in the upper and lower galleries at Rooster Gallery. Taken together, the discursive spectacle of global cultural implosion on the collective psyche is exposed for our super-modern era.
Wells’ immersive high definition works for “Video Forest” are
currently on view through 2014 at the Kimpo International Airport,
Seoul, Korea, and was recently was commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum to write the essay Andy, Nam June, and Me at the Zoo, which discusses the video and the Avant-garde in the post 9-11 era.
Lee Wells, whose artwork and projects primarily question systems of power and control, has exhibited internationally for over 15 years, including the 51st Venice Biennial; PS1/MoMA, New York, NY; the National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; WRO07 XI Media Biennial, Warsaw, Poland; the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center; and The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia; in addition to numerous art fairs, festivals and universities.

In its totality, “Action for Freedom” presents a timely visual discussion about the heroes, victims and martyrs of the 21st century.
New York, February 2011


SCOPE BASEL VIDEO - A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Tue Jun 15, 2010 00:00 - Tue Jun 15, 2010




Scope Foundation and Perpetual Art Machine presents

A Light at the End of the Tunnel
an epic video art trilogy about the human condition

curated by Lee Wells

with artwork by: Michael Paulus, Sirrin Mozaffari, Madame X, Den Marino, Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib, Nathania Rubin, Chris Coleman, Bruno Muzzolini, John Criscitello, Miranda Raimondi and Samuel Pellman, Stella Rey, Richard O'Sullivan, Nightmare City, Brit Bunkley, Dana Sederowsky, Francis Coy, Bo Lee, Julieta Maria, Eva Davidova, Jonathan Monaghan, Shiva Lynn Burgos, dNASAb, Fabel Kommunication, Alvin Case, Gratuitous Art Productions, Karl Erickson, Hye Yeon Nam, Celeste Fichter, Yoshiko Kanai, and Pipi

Kaserne Basel - June 15-19, 2010

"The Avant Garde Doesn't Give Up" - Asger Jorn
'Increase your necessity so that you may increase your perception.' --13th century Persian Sufi mystic Rumi, quoted by Bill Viola¨

A Light at the End of the Tunnel is an epic video art trilogy about the human condition, including seminal works by 30 international emerging artists chosen based on an open call from over 200 submissions.

Why are we here? What does it all mean? How is it all relative to art in the 21st century?

Above image still by Den Marino (Russia), The Illustration of Life, 2009

A Light at the End of the Tunnel videos will also be premiering on the internet at www.babelgum.com/newvideoart

A new intitative in collaboration with the Scope Foundatio, Babelgum and PAM.


About the Curator
Lee Wells is an artist, independent curator and consultant currently living and working in New York. His artwork and projects primarily question systems of power and control and have been exhibited internationally for over 15 years, including the 51 st La Biennale Di Venezia, National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, Kimpo International Airport, WRO07 XII Media Biennial, PS1/MoMA, Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, and Hermitage Museum in addition to numerous art fairs, festivals and galleries. He is a co-founder and director of IFAC-arts, an alternative curitorial program and nomadic gallery and since 2006, a co-founder of [PAM] the Perpetual Art Machine and has been a SCOPE Curator at Large since 2005. www.leewells.org

About SCOPE Foundation
SCOPE’S continued mission is to turn viewers into users. Since 2007, SCOPE International Art Fair is proud to announce the launch of the SCOPE Foundation, whose mandate is to help emerging contemporary artists, through grants, awards, and acquisitions. SCOPE is dedicated to not only supporting the international emerging artistic community, but local schools and not-for-profit arts institutions. www.scope-art.com

About Babelgum.com

A free, revolutionary Internet and Mobile TV platform supported by advertising, Babelgum combines the full-screen video quality of traditional television with the interactive capabilities of the Internet and offers professionally produced programming on-demand to a global audience. Founded in 2005, Babelgum's goal is to act as an international 'glue', bringing a huge range of professional and semi-professional content to a global audience - like a modern-day Tower of Babel. The bubble logo is a fun visual pun on the company name, but also reflects Babelgum's commitment to a green, global future.


Photos of Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern

Did you know that BP is one of the Tate's biggest supporters.


Raphaele Shirley 0910 Light Shots @ Chelsea Art Museum

Thu May 20, 2010 00:00 - Wed May 19, 2010


Dynamic minimalist laser environment

Raphaele Shirley
0910 Light Shots
May 21 - June 19, 2010
Opening Reception: May 20, 6 - 8pm

The Chelsea Art Museum is pleased to present 0910 Light Shots by Raphaele Shirley, a site-specific multi-media artwork for The Project Room for New Media. In this new work Raphaele displays her dexterity in use of diverse mediums and materials such as light, fog, sensors and mirrors by which she carves ephemeral sculptures in time and space, re-evaluating elemental yet elusive aspects of the world around us.

0910 Light Shots is a continuation of her light based multi-media work such as Jewels of Kvinesdal in Norway (2009) and Shooting Stair (2009) published by Dorfman Projects in NY. In these recent works Raphaele mingles the spatial clarity and structure of minimalism with the dynamic and virtual qualities of new media and technology. Using light beams to draw lines and planes in space, she constructs both the visible evidence of basic geometry and the invisible and undefined structures of space into which these exist and extend. The piece created for the Project Room for New Media will be at once a site-specific ephemeral object and an interactive installation; the composition evolving in color and perspective according to the viewer’s position within. The electric presence of this irradiant sculpture takes root in basic physics, creating an arrestingly essential visual space and an environment for contemplation and reflection, whilst underlining primary phenomena intrinsic to our surroundings and exploring principles of perception.

For information please contact: