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Simulation as Institutional Critique: Lawrence Lek's 'Unreal Estate'

Thanks Rob, to clarify, the video embedded itself isn't the final artwork itself but rather is the documentation of the exhibition at the RA itself. Actually most of the Bonus Levels series are available to download as standalone applications on the site (

So the artworks themselves - if not the component parts to construct it - are shared. And yes - there are always greater degrees of openness that works like this could move towards, both in terms of production (program used) and dissemination.

RE: "The Electronic Disturbance" isn't something I'm very familiar with but Zach Blas had mentioned to me how important the section on 'Utopian Plagiarism' was for him.

I like this part from the documentary section:
"...cultivated for pleasure
as well as from necessity


BONUS LEVELS: A Collective Tower for Art Licks Weekend

Thu Oct 03, 2013 18:00 - Sun Oct 06, 2013

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

BONUS LEVELS is a collaborative video game by Lawrence Lek Studio that celebrates the independent spirit of galleries and artist-run project spaces of Art Licks Weekend.

The White Building, Event Space, Queen's Yard, London E9 5EN

LAUNCH: Thur 3rd October 6-10pm |
with live audio-visual performances by Chris King & Lawrence Lek / Clifford Sage / Viktor Timofeev

EXHIBITION: Fri 4th - Sun 6th October 11-6pm

ROUNDTABLE: Sunday 6th October 3-5pm


The game revolves around a virtual tower that contains twenty-one galleries from across London, and the architecture and curatorial concept of each physical space is reflected in its virtual double.

From white cubes to dark performance spaces and psychogeographic maps, the game invites each player to explore an alternate reality. In this zone, light is saturated, sound is heightened and time and space are collapsed. Over the course of Art Licks Weekend, the tower becomes a mashup of perspectives for the digital flaneur.

Bonus Levels launches on Thursday 3 October as an immersive gaming zone, with interactive performances starting at 7pm. A Videogame Roundtable with invited participants will take place on the closing Sunday from 3-5pm. The game will also be available to play online and in the site-specific installation.


BONUS LEVELS - Participating Projects in the Tower

Level 19: Vulpes Vulpes London - Midden
Level 18: Vitrine - Emoticons for a Public Square
Level 17: Viktor Timofeev & Simon Werner
Level 16: The Institute of Jamais Vu - Beit Iksa Boys
Level 15: The Ballad of Peckham Rye
Level 14: Studio 180 - POST Artists Network
Level 13: Space Station 65 - How Do Artists Work?
Level 12: Schwartz Gallery - Beyond Duality
Level 11: Other Asias - Asia Elects
Level 10: Lubomirov-Easton: A Gesture to "The Other"
Level 9: La Scatola - Conqueror: The Mutant Red Rabbit
Level 8: Hotel Elephant - Volume & Void
Level 7: Enclave - The Starseed Transmission
Level 6: Double N/A - Anatum's Abode
Level 5: Asylum - Diseased Brethren
Level 4: AltMFA - Robinsonner
Level 3: A-Side B-Side Gallery - Girls Aren't Funny
Level 2: A Brooks Art - Opera Rose
Level 1: 38b - Augury
Level 0: Assembly - The New White Building

Game design and Installation by:
Lawrence Lek | Valentina Berardi | Elvira Grob | Clifford Sage | Andi Schmied

href=" ">


PENTHOUSE 4C: A Living Room for the Collective

Sun Aug 25, 2013 13:00 - Sat Aug 31, 2013

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Public Assembly presents Penthouse 4C, a half-size replica of the must exclusive apartment in the Barbican Housing Estate in London. During the Hack the Barbican festival in August, the installation will host Public Assembly, a nomadic platform for collective works of art.

Join us for a series of interactive events, classes, screenings, musical performances, audio-visual collaborations, hangouts, parties, meditation sessions, art critiques and domestic bliss.


PENTHOUSE 4C | Barbican Centre Foyer | 5-31 August 2013

A project by Lawrence Lek and Public Assembly


Sunday 25th August, 1-5pm
NAPATHON - Bring a Pillow: An immersive sleeping environment
Hosted by Andi Schmied & Ricardo Davila-Otoya


Wednesday 28th August, 6-10pm
PIRACY TODAY: An exhibition about copying, curated by Hardcore Software
Featuring: Geraldine Juarez | AND Publishing | Lawrence Lek | Martin Dittus


Friday 30th August, 7-10pm
SURROUND SOUND: An Audio-Visual World
A collaborative installation and performance by Lawrence Lek, Suren Seneviratne, Viktor Timofeev


Saturday 31st August, 6-10pm
VIRTUAL LIGHT: Penthouse 4C Closing Ceremony
Please join Public Assembly at Penthouse 4C where we will transform the installation into an immersive video environment. Featuring videos by artists and friends, with a soundtrack by special guest DJs.




PUBLIC ASSEMBLY: An Alternative Summer Show

Sun Jun 30, 2013 14:00 - Sun Jun 30, 2013

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Free Cooper Union UK (FCUUK) invites you to Public Assembly, a one-day free school celebrating alternative forms of knowledge and creative expression in art and technology.

Join us for a full day of architectural installations, live demonstrations, water taxis, canal boat lectures, cinema screenings, talks and performances, accompanied by photo booth, DIY publications, parents' coffee stand, and refreshments.

We pay tribute to New York City's last free university - the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, whose Board of Trustees voted to end its 154-year tradition of giving full scholarships to all admitted students.



BLACKOUT: Students painted the Cooper Union's third floor lobby to protest the end of free education there. Photo: Alexis Rivas



Matteo Farinella · Kevin Flude · Susannah E. Haslam & Lucy A. Sames · Benji Jeffrey · Kayak Libre with Rachel Hill · Chris King · Lawrence Lek · Old School Projections · Matthew Plummer-Fernandez · Pamela G. Parker · Public Works · Andi Schmied · DJ Tesco · Ben Westley


Valentina Berardi · Bruce High Quality Foundation · Tommy Coleman · Gabriella D'Angelo · Max Dewdney (Mobile Studio) · Martin Dittus · Barry Drogin · Free Cooper Union · Oto Gillen & Nik Gelormino · Ben Grosser · Scott F. Hall & Eleni Manolaraki · Sam Jacob · Thomas Jarrett · Benji Jeffrey · Jasmine Johnson & Alice May Willams · Julia Kim Smith · Batya Kuncman · Kim Laughton · Lawrence Lek · Alastair Levy · Evan X. Merz · Nick Mirzoeff · Devora Najjar · Pamela G. Parker · Yuri Pattison · Matthew Plummer-Fernandez · Joe Riley · Alexis Rivas · Legacy Russell · Daphne San · Natalie Savvy · Andi Schmied · Jack Self · Jose Vargas · Ben Westley




PUBLIC ASSEMBLY: An Alternative Summer Show

Mon Jun 17, 2013 23:59

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


{EXTENDED DEADLINE: 17th June 2013}



Free Cooper Union UK (FCUUK) invite you to submit your work to a collaborative project celebrating free education around the world.

The exhibition pays tribute to New York City's last tuition-free university - the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, whose Board of Trustees voted to end the school's 154-year historic mission of providing merit-based tuition-free education to all admitted students.



The White Building, 7 Queens Yard, London E9 5EN
Sunday 30th June, 5 - 10 pm (real life) / Forever (online)
Free and open to the public


Students, graduates, and alumni of any institution whatsoever - you are invited to submit work relating to the theme “Free as Air and Water”*.

Work will be compiled into an interactive website, downloadable catalogue, and collaborative installation at the White Building in Hackney Wick in London. For one night only, a special exhibition and graduation party will feature an immersive architectural installation, sculpture workshop, live screenprinting, videos, artists’ bookstore, live webchat, and refreshments.

Following the event, all submitted material will be available online, forming the foundation of a new school - one that will remain free as air and water.



Submissions may be in the following categories:

1. Projects & Research

Drawn from your current practice, student work, or social projects whose production inspires, enables, participates in the freedom of education. This is a broad definition and is open to interpretation. Works can take the form of text, images, websites, audio, (e)books, photos or video.

2. New Media Protest Art

Subversive use of technology is very much encouraged, e.g. Animated GIF protest art; Vine Feeds; Google chat rants, overdubbed blockbusters.

3. Chronicles & Documentation of the Crisis

Written essays, letters, financial statistics, press releases, articles, or other documentation relating to the current crisis in student funding and debt at the Cooper Union and other institutions (movie, JPEG, TXT, PDF)

4. Art Assignments, Design Briefs & Alternative Course Guides

One-page assignments, DIY course descriptions, how-to-instructions, readings, cheat sheets, Dada performance lists. Help others help themselves learn. (PDF)



Work must be submitted by Monday June 17th 2013.

Please email files less than 10mb, or links to download/movie/websites to: with the category indicated in the subject line.


*FCUUK have yet to find a sustainable financial model and regrettably cannot offer to pay for transportation of physical work; digital submissions are encouraged.

Organized by Lawrence Lek and Free Cooper Union with the support of SPACE Studios.