Leonel Moura
Since 2004
Works in Lisboa Portugal

Leonel Moura is a European artist born in Lisbon, Portugal, that works with AI and robotics. He created his first autonomous ‘Painting Robots’, able to produce original artworks based on emergent behavior, in 2003. Since then he has produced several artbots, each time more autonomous and sophisticated. RAP (Robotic Action Painter), 2006, created for a permanent exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York is able to generate highly creative and original art works and to decide when the work is ready to sign, which it does with a distinctive signature. ISU (The Poet Robot), 2006, generates random poems, very much in the style of the Lettrist Movement and of Concrete Poetry.
Leonel Moura’s aim is to produce a New Kind of Art based on intelligence, rather than on emotion or context.
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Dada 2.0

Dada 2.0 the iconoclast robot

See the video at YouTube

DADA 2.0 is the most recent robot created by Leonel Moura. It has been built as a large three-dimensional drop form with a robotic arm attached to its underside. The whole structure is approximately four meters high. Provided with sensors, DADA 2.0 seeks to destroy anything that is placed within his reach.