Lisa Vanovitch
Since 2008
Works in United States of America

I was mainly interested in photography for years until I finally started studying Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. I then soon found my interest in new media. I have now completed my studies and am probing my way further into electronic media in art.

My work evolves around an exploration of the impact of contemporary technological developments on our attitude towards the self, body, and our notion of reality.
I try not to coo over the hype of new technology und use a variety of media for my investigations. Interactivity (in a broad sense) offers immersion and control and throws up a host of intriguing questions about the responsibility of actions in games, the physicality of virtual worlds, and the social implications for participants in multiplayer environments.
Players in „massive multiplayer online roleplaying games“ interact with their own chosen avatars as well as with other in-game characters (whether backed up by the programme itself or another player). New technologies, especially the advent of the internet, have also transfigured the availability of information and visual imagery of even the most painful and exhibitionistic (re)presentations of the human body.
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Remap Berlin by Marco Cadioli

Sun Mar 21, 2010 00:00 - Tue Mar 02, 2010

Opening of virtual exhibition in Twinity
5th March 2010, 6 p.m., German time (UTC+1)

By Marco “Manray” Cadioli
5th March - 21st March 2010


The exhibition hall “Altes Museum” in the virtual world Twinity will open the exhibition:
Remap Berlin by Marco “Manray” Cadioli

“Remap Berlin” spreads a thin geographical virus in Google Earth and deals with different levels of reality. The project introduces a series of b&w photographs shot in Twinity, a mirror world that reproduces a realistic 3D replica of Berlin. The photos shot in Twinity, are then geo-localized in Google maps, re-mapped from virtual to real and positioned in the exact point where they have been shot in the mirror world. Once uploaded in the photo sharing community Panoramio, the pictures are mixed up with other ones shot in the same geographical point from real life users. Many of these pictures have been selected by Google and can now be found as “Popular photos in Google Earth”: this became a little geographical virus, parts of our memories of the real world. The photographs are cityscapes, shot by Marco Manray roaming around the still empty streets of Berlin in the beta version.

This piece is the new step of Cadioli’s journey around the metaverse - after war games, Second Life and the chinese virtual world HIPIHI - and reflects on the way in which we are shaping the metaverse, and on the cultural impact of this development on the way we experience collective places. The exploration reaches the city edges, where streets end on the boundary line between land and sky - temporary borders of an expanding universe. Remap Berlin was presented for the first time on Odyssey art+performance simulator in Second Life in July 2009.

“The Remap Berlin series appears as the exquisite corpse of a space where emptiness confines to urban congestion. Like a silent sphinx, Berlin exhibits an architecture of absence, a suffocating openness, a latent solitude. Walking through this melancholic urbanity with minimal aesthetics, the streets of Berlin follow one after the other, as if inhabited by a deliberate amnesia, some kind of poetic control.”
Margherita Balzerani - Curator and art critic

This exhibition is taking place in the location “Altes Museum” in Twinity-Berlin.
Visit by downloading the client here (free):\_download/new

For questions contact the curator of this exhibition:


i made this. you play this. we are enemies

Just played two of your games and got to top level - hooray. Enjoyed them a lot (I’m into games too)! They respond to the basic urges one wants fulfilled in a game while also giving you plenty to think about.
Lisa (berlin)