Born in 1965. His works are constituted by authorial and independent pieces, including a wide variety of formats, such as installations, single channel videos, short films and interactive work. Has been frequently awarded and constantly screened inside and outside of Brazil in solo and collective shows in more than 40 countries.

From 1991 to 1995 was in charge of many activities in Brazil related to video and new media such as the ForumBHZvideo an electronic art festival and the video and media art department at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. In 1995, he created at Casa das Rosas a pioneering experience with Internet-based art in Brazil. In 1998 he designed the CD-ROM Jacks In Slow Motion which received the top prize at the VII Prix Mobius in Paris.

Was awarded in 1996 by the Vitae Foundation Arts Program, one of the most important grants for artists in Brazil, to develop work about the theme Torments. Since then, Lucas has been consistently investigating the relations between moving images and portraits, looking for original narratives for movies and documentaries as well as new possibilities of immersion in his installation projects.

With the Virtuose fellowship granted by the Ministry of Culture - Government of Brazil he was a visiting artist at the CAiiA-STAR Centre - UK [2000 to 2001], where he started an extensive research about on-line privacy and surveillance systems, which has been generating several projects using different media.

By looking at situations where controversy may be reverted to expressiveness, his latest projects take into consideration key situations where intimacy and public/private conflicts may be transformed into works connected with contemporary issues in our society.

O Fim do Sem Fim (2001) his first feature documentary film is about anachronisms, jobs that are disappearing and resistance against technological substitutions in Brazil. It was shot in more than 30 cities in the interior of the country and was awarded with many prizes in national and international events. Has presented his video-installations in exhibitions such as the 18th World Wide Video Festival, the 7th Havana Biennial the 50th São Paulo Commemorative Biennial and the 25th São Paulo International Biennial. From 2003 to 2004 participated in exhibitions such as Emoção Art.Ficial 2.0 at ItaúCultural and Hiper [relações eletro/digitais] at Santander Cultural, Porto Alegre.

Awarded for the second time by Vitae Foundation Arts Program (2002), Lucas developed and presented the 4 Walls Project, conceived at the CAiiA-STAR Centre (currently Planetary Collegium). Other recent commissions and grants allowed to produce his latests works: Desmediados, a digital documentary about hackerism, developed with the support by 5º Petrobras Cinema and O Tempo Não Recuperado, an authorial DVD-Rom developed with a grant provided by the Sergio Motta Award for New Media Projects.

Recently (!?) finished also Do Outro Lado Do Rio a feature documentary film about the borders between Brazil and French Guyana.