M Harding
Since the beginning
Works in Saint Petersburg, Florida United States of America

M.Harding Penney was born in Beirut Lebanon, the daughter of a diplomat she spent her childhood overseas in North Africa and the Middle East. She has a Bachelors from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University. She launched her freelance studio hellocreative.co in 2006 and sells art prints and type design via hellomart.co.

An early adopter of the web and art online, she has exhibited New Media art at the Museo Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum in Mexico, the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, and the Morean Art Center, among others. Her design and artwork have been featured at Behance, Tumblr, Hyperallergic Labs, Yahoo France, La Reforma, XLR8R, and FACT magazine and included in the book Eye Candy from the Underground: Fresh Styles for Web Designers.

Her net art projects include Dream7.com, a cyber-utopic virtual and multimedia dream space where the project DreamBase is also housed, a searchable and categorized interactive multimedia experience of 3000+ dreams sent by visitors to the site from the years 1998-2006. Dream7 was the first of its kind to mix poetry, music, animation, interaction and graphics in order to create a liminal multi-sensory dream-like art experience online. At Dream7, she worked with electronic artists Duodecimo, who went on to be part of Insine Records and Last.fm, and start the label Unknown to the Unknown as DJ Haus. Other projects included ILUVU.TV, home of the TV Oracle, where visitors can receive readings based on wisdom from television shows plus a real personality profile based on TV character archetypes; and DiaryU, a fiction experiment in believable doppelganging, where she authored six live journal accounts whose characters interact with one another in life-like personal dramas. She is an originator of what is now called the Net Art ‘New Aesthetic’ and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible for media-based art practices.