Marie Kazalia
Since 2010
Works in United States of America

*“Transmedia”, moving beyond traditional forms of publication and networking.*
I've started writing, as a regular contributor, for the Transmedia blog on photo, video, digital and sound artists, especially those in my geographic region.
“Transmedia” is VASA’s Blogging Project to connect people to events and people to people. "Transmedia" is  a global networking project publishing the work of artists, theorists, critics and others on an international scale transcending traditional media categories. The “Transmedia,” blog will cover photography, video, sound, digital art and theory. “Transmedia” will focus on artists, writers and theorists from north, south, central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are a  photo, video, digital, or sound artist, especially in the regions that include Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I'd like to know what you are working on for possible development into a blog article.
Feel free to email me, Marie Kazalia at :

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Get Your Gratis Portrait Created for Goddess Pax Artist Project

Mon Aug 31, 2015 00:00

United States of America

California artist Metrov is offering a gratis portrait for his People of Pax print series. Prints in this series are valued at $1000USD, but you can get yours free by participating. Find out the full details here: via @Xposy

Every one in the world is invited!



Fri May 16, 2014 12:00


Dear Artist,

Artworld is pleased to announce its very first Open International Art Competition. The cash prize is €1,500 (approximately $2,079USD or £1,236.) The winning artist will design, print and distribute a limited edition of 50 original hand-made prints. The prints will be distributed to individual art-lovers and artists pledging €100 or more to Artworld’s 2014 crowd-funding campaign.

Submissions (digital and by email) are invited from today. The closing date is Friday, May 16th 2014, and the winner will be notified by Friday, June 13th. The competition details, rules, terms and conditions are as below, and also as set out in the Competition Prospectus.

This is a great opportunity for emerging artists and skilled practitioners of an often undervalued art. If you yourself are not a print-maker, please pass this email to those that are. Alternatively you might share the Competition Notice on Facebook. Should you, or they, have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Yours sincerely. Keith McFarlane Artworld Negative Entropy BV Amsterdam The Netherlands


New! 2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Representative and Photography Agents + International Photography Galleries, Photography Publishers and much more.

Sun May 31, 2015 00:00

New! 2014 Photographers Resources: International Photography Representative and Photography Agents + International Photography Galleries, Photography Publishers and much more.

Our new PDF list contains 45 pages of clickable links to the websites of dozens of fine art photographer agents and photographer representatives internationally.

This PDF also lists photography galleries in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and more.

In this PDF you will find clickable links to international fine art and commercial photography publishers, art licensing companies and publishers, stock photo resources and digital photography resources, art consultants seeking photographs + art videos for their corporate clients. This PDF has categories of resources for photography organizations, photography grants and fellowships, and photography magazines and blogs that accept submissions from photographers and publish photography, as well as many other resource categories. Any resources useful to fine art photographers, and fine art photographers who also do some commercial work, are listed in this PDF.

We know that photographers want more visibility for their work. Want to earn an income from their photographs, and advance their careers and increase their reputations. We research and continually add new links, resources, and contact information you can use on this PDF list.

This PDF Content list Categories:

Photography Agents and International Photography Representatives

Agents Representing Photographers and other artists

Stock Photography and Digital Resources

Online Galleries and Print Sales for Photographers

Art Collector Sites and groups interested in photography

Photography Galleries and Organizations: Europe Photography Galleries, USA, Canada, South American Photography Galleries, Australia and Asia Photography Galleries

Galleries that Represent Artists and Photographers

Museums and Photography Curators and Critics

Photography Communities and Artist Registries

Apps for Sales and Promotions

Photography Awards, Grants, Fellowships

International Art Consultants that purchase photographs

Photography Publishers

Art Licensing Companies that contract with photographers

Copyright Organizations

Photography Magazines, Blogs, books to submit to for feature exposure

Merchandizing /Branding Agents and Reps Internationally

MISC: Film, TV, Video Resources

and others...


PDF of International Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives aids artists

Fri Jan 31, 2014 00:00

This PDF of Art Licensing companies, artist agents and artist representatives contains hundreds of clickable links to aid artists in researching art licensing and representation opportunities internationally.


Perks for Artists--your site link on our blog, featured blog posts for artists

Fri Jan 31, 2014 00:00

Perks for Artists

Artists get their link in our blog roll.
Artists get a feature blog post that drives traffic to your site.

View options available here:

Artist Marketing Resources blog