Marjan van Mourik
Since 2003
Works in Rotterdam United States of America

Former gallery-owner, the last ten years working as a freelance curator, artpromoter and multimedia designer-artist in the field of netart. The During the years I had an contemporary art gallery my interest moved gradually from paintings to installations and conceptual art.

Then in 1994 the computer entered my life.

The contradiction between limitation on the one hand, unlimited freedom and no physical borders on the other hand, created new impulses and insights to explore the possibilities of the medium. My fascination for this platform was born.

I have travelled a long way obtaining the necessary technical skills,studying and experiecing the do's and the don;ts, preparing and presenting concepts of visual artists for the web. It has now become the art form for myself to express and to tell my story.

The images, the words, the colours, the sounds, the motions, they're all ready there. It is like a palet with paint, a keyboard characters,covered with jpg., gif, wave, MP3,mov., doc. and other files. They're at my disposition and I will put them in a new, different context. They form the remains of my travels trough my mind, the virtual world, the real world and life.

Marjan van Mourik (1958) studied art-history and multimedia.


Will Pappenheimer:


Zurich, Switzerland, Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th July, 2006

The Digital Art Weeks PROGRAM (DAW06) is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. Consisting again this year of symposium, workshops and performances, the program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies in a series of performances, making artists aware of impulses in technology and scientists aware of the possibilities of the application of technology in the arts.


[Kon.[Text]], this year’s Digital Art Weeks SYMPOSIUM focuses on the Performative Surround in the arts and the technology that drives it. The Performative Surround pertains to the immersive quality and quantity of the setting of a performative artwork that employs electronic media enhancement to communicate in part or in whole its message to the viewer, who is therewith integrated into the performative arena by the communicative powers of the applied media. In a series of lectures, demonstrations and panels, artists and researcher will examine the use of electronic media in articulating the performer’s presence through the possibilities of the multi-sensuality of electronic media. The possibilities of blurring the divide between public and performer to bond them through the powers of dissemination and inclusion inherent within the technology behind the performative surround will also be considered as well as how communication between both performer and public can be interactively networked in real time through various forms of computer enhanced dialoging.


To draw a parallel between the symposium’s title [Kon.[Text]] and the phrase “in the body of the text” in terms how both performer and public are virtually networked by the expansion of the real into virtual, issues in media enhanced performance and its ...


C5@ZeroOne_San Jose: C5 Quest for Success

Geri Wittig:

The C5 Quest for Success ­ Call for Participants Enter to play the C5 Quest for Success during the ZeroOne San Jose/ISEA 2006 Symposium August 9-12, 2006

The C5 Quest for Success is an invited project for ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. The ZeroOne San Jose Festival will transform San Jose into the North American epicenter of art and digital culture from August 7th to the 13th, showcasing the world's most innovative contemporary artists.

Quest for Success is curatorial selection as urban game, testing competitors¹ analysis, management, and cooperative decision making skills - traits needed for success in Silicon Valley. The grand prize is a six to twelve week residency at the Montalvo Arts Center co-sponsored with C5 and a Silicon Valley corporate partner - a great opportunity for the right player with the right project pitch. Contestants navigate the streets of San Jose exploring GPS controlled narratives in an attempt to locate the C5 Corporate Limo. Once there, you just might have the opportunity to pitch your proposal to a panel of distinguished experts. A single winner from each evening's competition then advances to the final round on Saturday, August 12th. Three finalists representing TALK, DEMO, PERFORM 'present' their pitch live on-stage to an audience of thousands during the ZeroOne San Jose culminating celebration.

Does the smell of gasoline and oil perk you up like caffeine? Do lat and long coordinates make your heart sing? Then apply for a chance to win the Montalvo Arts Center ­ C5 artist residency. Six to twelve weeks in picturesque Saratoga, California, working on the project of your dreams with the assistance of one of Silicon Valley¹s corporate powerhouses. Does mapping make you giddy? Does your imagination swell ...


Beijing Accelerator

Marnix de Nijs is one of my favourite artists. His works are non-pretentious and understandable by anyone. Some of them seem to be inspired by playground attractions (run, motherfucker, run), others that explore our relationships with machines are uncannily compelling (Spatial Sounds or Push/Pull)


Beijing Accelerator clearly belongs to the recreation ground. The inspiration for it came when the artist was visiting Beijing, and realized how quickly the dynamics of a city could transform into such apparent modernism. Similar to an earlier prototype, Panoramic Accelerator, it explores the effects of a tempo-driven society on the individual, this new version has an enhanced cinematographic experience as well as a superior interface.

The participant takes position in a racing-chair on a motorized structure equipped with a joystick. While the participant controls both the direction and speed of the chair, rotating panoramic images are projected on the 160x120 cm screen in front of him/her. The aim is to synchronize the moving image with the rotation of the chair in order to view the images properly and block the disorientation associated with the uncoordinated spinning. If the user cannot synchronize the speed of the chair with the images his balance system will send different information to the brain then the eyes do, causing an intense feeling of discontrol and can eventually lead to nausea.


The target square in the top panoramic image needs to be matched with the same position shown on the magnified image below. As soon as this is achieved the images �¢ï¿½ï¿½snap into place�¢ï¿½ï¿½ and rotate in sync with the participants movement. After a short period of time however, a new rotating-panorama appears with a higher preset speed. This is determined as the next level (there are ...


'Brainmirror' by Adam Somlai-Fischer(hu) Bengt Sjölén(se) and Danil Lundbäck(se)

BrainMirror is an interactive experience where the image of the visitors brain appears mixed with his/her mirror image, using natural head movement as an interface to explore volumetric visuals of the human brain. Designed and built by 3 independent artist and technologist, putting our skills together we aimed for creating an interface that works without learning for all age groups, and fosters communal interaction, interaction among the different visitors.


Jonathan Schipper


"Attempt at an Invisible Sphere," a globe made from 215 cameras and screens, was our first introduction to Jonathan Schipper's work. When we had the chance to visit the Brooklyn-based artist in his studio recently, we got to check out more of the "mechanical paradoxes" that make up Schipper's ouevre and watch him tinker on his latest undertaking, an animatronic sculpture set in motion by a player piano reel of Slayer's "Raining Blood." The piece debuted in a group show that opened last Friday, 23 June 2006, called "Factitious" at Brooklyn's Pierogi Gallery, and will run through 31 July 2006.

Watch now: Quicktime or Podcast (or in our Flash player on the sidebar of the home page)

TAGS: Art, Brooklyn, Conceptual, Cool Hunting Video, Technology,


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- 'Russian POP ART part II, Moscow, Information / Transformation -EXTRACity (Antwerp) (B) and MONOPOLIS-Antwerp Witte de With, Rotterdam (NL) , are the exhibitions which we have for you on video.

- About the new videart. This week we present a short intro of the documentary '7 Sons' by Florian Thalofer and Mahmoud Hamdy. “Sheik Suellim has seven sons” Maher says proudly. “Seven Sons, and not one daughter?” I wonder. “Seven sons,” Maher replies, “and further more six daugthers.”
Florian Thalhofer from Berlin and Mahmoud Hamdy from Cairo met the Bedouins in the Sinai, close to the territories occupied by Israel.
Berlin meets Cairo meets the Beguines - inclusive a sharia-court-case. [7sons] was made in summer 2003 with the support of the Goethe-Institute, Cairo.

'Space Invaders' by Marina Zurkow.
“THE SPACE INVADERS” is a composite of live action footage and 2D character animation, redolent of vaudeville sketches, early cartoon pranks, and Grand Guignol’s shock theater.

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[9th] Japan Media Arts Festival

Fri Sep 23, 2005 15:21

[9th] Japan Media Arts Festival
February 24th - March 5th in Tokyo, 2006

On line entry is now open on the Japan Media Arts Festival
official site:
Japan Media Art Plaza

The jury will award 1 Grand Prize, 4 Excellence Prizes, 1
Encouragement Prize
in each of the following categories:
- Art division
- Entertainment division
- Animation division
- Manga division

Japan Media Arts Festival has enthusiastically supported the creators
of this field
and their productions since its foundation in 1997.
Each spring, leading talents in various fields from around the world
will gather in
Tokyo to share in the experience of this exhibition as well as other
planned events.
Attended by over 44,000 visitors, last year's [8th] Japan Media Arts
featured 168 innovative works selected from 1,498 submissions from 43
Winning works also have a great opportunity to be introduced in the
other related
events of the Japan Media Arts Festival.

We are waiting for your entry and looking forward to seeing you in
Tokyo in spring!

For any inquiry, please send e-mail to:
or call Japan Media Arts Festival Office
CG-ARTS Society - Japan Media Arts Festival Office
phone + 81-3-3535-3501 fax + 81- 3-3562-4840
1-11-2, Kyobashi, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0031 Japan


New Videos

We present you a BRAND new playlist with exciting videos from around the globe. Meet the winners of the Golden Nicas 2005 Ars Electronica, an impression of the exhibitions held during that event and have a look at the Tingatinga project of Pierre Mertens in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Beside that we have the best exhibitions of Antwerp and Moscow.

Information / Transformation, Extracity (Antwerp,B) probes the relationship between information and the desire for political and social changes. The exhibition is intended to focus attention on new forms of information processing that takes shape on the margins of the art world in the work of individual artists.

"Russian Pop Art," an exhibit organized by the Tretyakov Gallery's department for new currents in art, that opened last Wednesday. On display are over 250 works from the holdings of the Tretyakov, private collectors and Moscow galleries. Russian Pop art was never heroic enough to meet the dictates of Socialist Realism, and its practitioners worked in obscurity.

And we have exiting new art videos. Kaboom by PES (USA). An extra ordinary animation film. 'Grand theft auto Lego City' by Brick Flick GTA: Lego City is a parody of the Vice City trailer and is Brick Flick's first movie. Having just made it back onto the streets of New Brick City after a long stretch inside, Jimmy Bricketti is sent to Lego City by his old boss, Sonny. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the saturated, orthogonal metropolis of Lego City.

Last but not least we reminded you on the possibility to submit your videos!!!



Sat Sep 17, 2005 08:40

Medium Magazine is an international arts magazine that exists over web,
print and live space. Our main aim is to give upcoming creative talent
a platform to show their work to the public all over the world, and to
people in the creative industries. Graduates and professionals of any
creative discipline can send work for publication:


CULTURETV New playlist

The summer is almost gone. And a new cultural season will start soon with important shows and events. We're preparing video news flashes for you. So keep tuned in to CULTURETV.
New art videos: 'Filmstrip'by Gabriel Orenstein a 3 minute video art work that was part of the "OPTIC NERVE" at the MOCA MUSEUM IN MIAMI FL USA.Optic Nerve is MOCA’s annual film festival featuring short videos and films by some of the freshest and most innovative artists in South Florida selected from an open call for submissions. 'Tech Tunnel'by DVDell& Herr K.


'WHALES of the Season ' Show of Young Russian artists Moscow '13terStock' by Florian Thalhofer & Kolja Mensing (D) 'Screenkiss' by Jillian Mcdonald (CAN) 'Soul' Brugge 'TechTunnel' by DVDell& Herr K 'Hollywood' by Ulrike Feser / Wolfgang Stahr / Silvan Linden (D) 'Art Base 101 Rhizome' New Museum NY 'La Biennale of Venice' Venice (I) 'Filmstrip' by Gabriel Orenstein 'Project Rotterdam' Museum Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam, (NL) 'Being sHe' by Chilo Eribenne (GB) 'Looking for 1 hrs. Photo' by V.Shumov & L.Romanos (USA). 'Art Out of Africa'Bertiers' Painter from Kenia 'BRINGING DEMOCRACY TO YOU' by Florian Zeyfang / Ulrich Heinke / Rolf Pilarsky (D). 'Symphony in the box/symphony in my head' by Ijose Benin (CAN). 'A Story' by Isidore Bethel (USA) 'Una Pelicula du Cinema Retrato Reverso' by Aaron Krach & Lloyd Blander (USA). 'La Divina Comedia' by Frederic Peire (F). 25 Year Collection Deutsche Bank.