Marjan van Mourik
Since 2003
Works in Rotterdam United States of America

Former gallery-owner, the last ten years working as a freelance curator, artpromoter and multimedia designer-artist in the field of netart. The During the years I had an contemporary art gallery my interest moved gradually from paintings to installations and conceptual art.

Then in 1994 the computer entered my life.

The contradiction between limitation on the one hand, unlimited freedom and no physical borders on the other hand, created new impulses and insights to explore the possibilities of the medium. My fascination for this platform was born.

I have travelled a long way obtaining the necessary technical skills,studying and experiecing the do's and the don;ts, preparing and presenting concepts of visual artists for the web. It has now become the art form for myself to express and to tell my story.

The images, the words, the colours, the sounds, the motions, they're all ready there. It is like a palet with paint, a keyboard characters,covered with jpg., gif, wave, MP3,mov., doc. and other files. They're at my disposition and I will put them in a new, different context. They form the remains of my travels trough my mind, the virtual world, the real world and life.

Marjan van Mourik (1958) studied art-history and multimedia.

NOX Loves You

Arcspace has a a little article about the recently opened D-tower, a collaboration between NOX and artist Q.S Serafijn. The Tower displays the emotions of of the inhabitants of Doetinchem via a questionnaire, and the rest of the world...


Aperture by Frederic Eyl and Gunnar Green, Berlin (GER)

aperture is a facade installation with interactive and narrative displaying modes. Consisting of an iris diaphragm matrix, the facade's surface with its apertures' variable opening diameters is enriched by a dynamic translucency, that creates new imagery as well as a new channel for communication between inside and outside.


New media art at ARCO, Madrid

BlackBox is a new media art exhibition within ARCO, Madrid's contemporary art fair. Here's what i found about it in the Spanish press:

Eduardo Kac
received the Arco-Beep award for electronic art for Time Capsule. In 1997, the artist inserted a microchip with an identification number into his ankle in front of photographs taken of family members during the 1930's in Europe. He then registered himself via the Web in a database designed for identification and recovery of lost animals, making it the first instance of a human being added to the database.

3350.jpg 3353.jpg

In the offArco category dedicated to the media art works that were not present at Arco, the winners of the awards are: Ricardo Iglesias and Gerald Kogler for Independent Robotic Community. Special mention to Miguel Angel Martin's net-art work Skking.exe


"skking.exe is small application to ease the life of today's employee.

Download skking.exe and a fake System RunTime Warning Default notice. It will pop up above your screen and will progress in loop for an unlimited period, prviding the employee with a wonderful excuse to sneak out of the office for as long as s/he wishes because of a computer probelm.

Each euro lost by the company will be summed up and shown on a webpage."

Daniel Canogar's Photosynthetic Rememberance 1 is the sculpture of a huge tree made of fiber optic and plastic fallen on the floor that embodies the paradox between environmental destruction by humans and technological re-construction. Canogar inverted metaphorically the photosynthesis processus. In the installation, it's the tree itself that emits the light and projects digital images of green leaves on an ondulating screen.

3398.jpg 3363.jpg

In the video installation by Shilpa Gupta, viewers can interact with video loops of a row of young ...


'5e Biennale de la Photo et des Arts visuels de Liège'

Invited by Tamara Lai, one of the organizers of the event which has Brazil as theme this year, the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That is participating of the '5e Biennale de la Photo et des Arts visuels de Liège' 18 fev. - 31 mars 2006:

The museum's adress in bienal is :

Today it will be showed at the Musée d'Art Moderne et Contenporain, Liege, Belgium.

Regina Célia Pinto

Last Works:



CALL FOR WORK AND PARTICIPATION ++Art Work and Creative Practices

++Papers Presentations, Panels, Workshops, Intellectual Environments and Practices

Perform.Media ��'�" A Transdisciplinary Festival of Creativity, Research, Theory and Technoculture
September 29th-October 14th, 2006, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


Deadline for Abstracts: April 30th, 2006

Deadline for Proposals: April 30th, 2006

Deadline: May 15th, 2006

Perform.Media is an international media arts festival and symposium creating an innovative venue for creative and intellectual work around the momentary process and performance in new media art and culture. We begin with the premise that newer media, along with modes of representation and narrative, embody momentary processes from roots in cybernetics and the biological, to the embodied performance of interface, improvised network exchanges and spontaneous social acts in multi-user synthetic worlds. Such mediated experiences and actions form meaning in sense experience and performance along with interpretive processes like depiction and reception. The dynamic, reciprocal process of the user(s) generating, configuring, interacting, choosing and authoring is an important component of new media and technologies, expressed in both the design of the media and in the momentary, improvised performance of the participant.
The festival and symposium seeks the accordance and collision of ideas through the lens of interdisciplinarity, exploring the performance of new media and the performative qualities of human-computer and technologically mediated social interaction. Perform.Media will examine sense experience and meaning at the threshold and in the performing action, along with the reflexive construction of narrative, where creative play, social practices, augmented embodiment and exploratory methods establish processes that spin out, overlapping locales of influence, in networked, ��'��"glocal��'�, mobile, participatory, socially interactive, live processed, locative, responsive and multi-user realms.
Perform.Media ...