Mark Daggett
Since the beginning
Works in La, California United States of America

I am an artist whose associates include a wide range of artists, curators and academics, but I am also an experienced programmer and graphic designer with many industry contacts. I have been committed to being a working artist for as long as I can remember. At age sixteen, I left home to attend a private arts high school so I could engage in the full-time study of painting, drawing and sculpture. I earned a BFA in film and video from the Kansas City Arts Institute studying under Patrick Clancy and an MFA from UCSD in New Media studying under Lev Manovich. While at UCSD, I taught programming and multimedia classes as a teaching assistant. Since my graduation I have had a dual role as an exhibiting artist and as a creative director for a $900-million-plus fashion company. I also have run a private design practice where I developed games and DVDs for major companies, including Warner Bros. and DreamWorks. As an artist, my work has been shown in museums, festivals and exhibitions around the world. My work has been shown in the Whitney Museum, the Princeton Museum, P.S. 1, the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, and the Transmediale festival in Berlin, to name a few. I won the first-ever award for software art from the Russian Ministry of Culture presented at the Read_me festival in Moscow. As a member of Radical Software Group, I was part of a team that won a Golden Nica award for the project Carnivore at the 2002 Ars Electronica Festival. I have been nominated for several prestigious online awards, including a Webby award, the so-called Oscars of the Internet. My work has been covered in major media sources, including the New York Times, Le Monde, WIRED magazine and Surface magazine. My work has also been written about in several books on the subject of new media art.
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Balance Bar

The "Balance Bar" is a easy to use browser extension programmed to allow any user to editorialize any web page anywhere on the Internet. Once you have an account (which is free) you can use the "Balance Bar" to literally insert your comments/article/rant directly onto whatever web page you would like to expound on. The "Balance Bar" was developed because of the increasing need to "balance" the one-sided and isolated world view that much of our media sources produce.

The Balance Bar can be downloaded here:

The current version of the tool bar is developed for the PC and Internet Explorer only. I am working on an extension for the firefox/mozilla browser but that is several months away. The source is available for anyone who'd like to help out.

Best Regards,
Mark Daggett