Marketa Bankova
Since the beginning
Works in Praha 2 Czech Republic

Born in Transylvania, she now divides her time between Prague and Transylvania


Institute of Interplanetary Research and Cosmonautics, Itawo
Transylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Prague Middlesex Polytechnic, London
Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore

Marketa Bankova is active on our cultural scene as an artist and experimenter with the Internet. In her projects City.html (, New York City Map ( and Scribble (
she has been exploiting new technical possibilities such as the combination of image, text, sound and interactive drawing. In the year 2000 the artist took the long and difficult decision to "come out" and she has now admitted that she is in reality an android, (XB-g 16th generation, as far as our experts can determine), sent from the constellation of Transylvania to study life on Earth. Bankova adds that she is actually one of several members of the research expedition, but the others would prefer to remain anonymous since they are alarmed at human xenophobia. It is hoped that Bankova?s documentary work originally made for the Institute of Interplanetary Research in Transylvania will be the first step towards mutual understanding, tolerance and perhaps even friendship between our two very different civilisations.
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Hi all,

I invite you to visit my work Scribble
that I am launching today.

All the best,

Marketa Bankova,

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