Mark Sellers
Since 2009
Works in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Job: English Teacher,
Higher Colleges of Technology
In UAE since 1998
Married with three teenage daughters
Nationality: USA
Residence: Abu Dhabi
Born: July 4, 1959

Strangely, I'm an artist 'by accident'. I've always been generally very creative and imaginative, and visual art is something I've recently 'grown into'. I've always loved color. I have no favorite color -- I love them all. I've always doodled to maintain focus. I started these art-focused drawings in 2000. My doodles quickly developed into extremely detailed drawings that have gotten a lot of attention. Some of my most intricate pieces are among those I made early on. Digital art for me is a way of 'sharing' something interesting of myself that has developed naturally without any formal training.