Mark Tribe
Since 2004
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Mark Tribe is an artist whose work explores the intersection of media technology and politics. His photographs, installations, videos, and performances are exhibited widely, including recent solo projects at Momenta Art in New York, the San Diego Museum of Art, G-MK in Zagreb, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Tribe is the author of two books, The Port Huron Project: Reenactments of New Left Protest Speeches (Charta, 2010) and New Media Art (Taschen, 2006), and numerous articles. He is Chair of the MFA Fine Arts Department at School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 1996, Tribe founded Rhizome, an organization that supports the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
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Computing Culture Group @ MIT Media Lab now accepting application

Sun Nov 02, 2003 19:40

From: Christopher P. Csikszentmihalyi

The Computing Culture research Group is now accepting applications for admission in the Fall of 2004. CCG is an art/technology/activism research group within the MIT Media Lab. Recent projects have included the DJ I Robot Sound System, Government Information Awareness, Critical Cartographies, Doom Monitor, Haptic Opposition, and the Afghan Explorer. Researchers in the group have shown and presented work from Soho to Singapore. The group is accepting several students for the two-year, funded Master of Science program. Applicants from any nation may apply.

Computing Culture is based on the premise that artists can and should invent technologies. We are less interested in using existing technologies for expression than in authoring new ones, ones that might be overlooked by the market or the interests of science and engineering practice. Our research results in specific works of art, but also helps further an understanding of the relationships between art, technology, and cultural production. Some of the strategies that we practice include interventions in contemporary consumer electronics, creating special events for public situations, and applying technical development to cultural agendas that wouldn't normally receive it.

Our emphasis is on physically and spatially embodied (rather than screen-based) projects, and work that engenders technology with significant social agency. Prospective applicants may be trained in either art, humanities, science, or engineering, but should show crossover. For instance, an art or humanities student should ideally be an accomplished programmer, have machining skills, and be able to design and fabricate electronics. An engineering student should have done several art projects, worked with a professional artist, or shown their ability to author radical or unexpected technologies. Those without a combination of technical and critical skills need not apply.

Applications are due December 15th. A portfolio of previous works is required. Information on how to apply may be found at More information about the group may be found at our somewhat pathetic web site,


Re: Rhizome Update

t.whid wrote:

> to Mark:
> hoping you might share with the community some details regarding your
> new position. is this a new position at Columbia or are you taking
> someone's place? are you teaching or running other programs? sounds
> like a very exciting new opportunity for you!

yup, very exciting. it's a new position that involves teaching interdisciplinary art and technology courses in the school of the arts, running the digital media center and doing some planning and curriculum development around art and technology.

i'm really glad rachel was able to step up. couldn't be in better hands.


Fresh New Media Projects @ the New Musem in New York

Thu Oct 23, 2003 00:00

Fresh New Media Projects

Thursday October 23, 6:30-8 p.m.

An evening profiling a selection of the best digital work produced by young artists from art and new media programs in New York. Selections will be made from the practices of Social Network experiments (including shared online environments, innovative weblogs, cartography studies, data visualization interfaces and games); Pervasive Computing (including networked installations, stand-alone smart objects, wearables, and wireless street interventions); Sound (including self-contained sound toys and installations) and Video (including video art, installation and interactive documentaries).

Following a presentation of each project, artists will talk informally about their work with the selection committee and the audience. Organized by Anne Barlow and Defne Ayas of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Mark Tribe, Founder of, and Michele Thursz, independent curator.

About the Digital Culture Evenings

The New Museum's Digital Culture Evenings aim to provide an array of opportunities for emerging artists to create and present works using the most innovative technologies available and to familiarize the general visitor with digital media. Digital Culture Evenings include artist presentations, performances and interactive events, as well as theory and research based discussions about broader issues in digital culture. Topics encompass a variety of subjects in addition to art including commerce, entertainment, and science.

About the Zenith Media Lounge

The New Museum's Zenith Media Lounge is New York City's only museum space dedicated to the exhibition and exploration of digital art, experimental video and sound works. Located on the New Museum Store level, programming in the Zenith Media Lounge is ongoing and is always free.

About the New Museum of Contemporary Art

The New Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1977 and located in the heart of Soho, is the premier destination for contemporary art in New York City. With an annual schedule of dynamic exhibitions, the Museum presents the most innovative and experimental work from around the world. Debate and discussion about contemporary culture are encouraged through a broad range of educational programs, publications, performances, and new media initiatives. The New Museum recently announced plans to build a new, 60,000 square foot facility at 235 Bowery. Visit for more about the New Museum.


New Media @ the New Museum in New York

Fri Aug 08, 2003 17:59

Submission DEADLINE: September 19, 2003


New Media - is a special evening which will take place at the Zenith Media Lounge of the New Museum of Contemporary Art on October 23, 2003, profiling a selection of the most engaging digital work produced by young artists from art and new media programs in New York.

We invite proposals from artists working in the full milieu of the digital medium and welcome a wide range of submissions from theoretical works to self-contained prototypes and playful games! We particularly encourage works that provoke critical discussion about what the fresh and distinctive qualities of new media are.

Projects from the following practices are encouraged:



Wednesday, September 10th, 2003, 14.00-16.00
ARS Electronica Building, Linz, Austria


The aims and the future of the Inter-Society
Update on ISEA -Discussion of topical issues

ISEA2004: August 14th - 22nd, 2004
Amanda McDonald Crowley presents:
Stockholm: Networked experience,
Tallinn: Wearable experience,
Helsinki: Wireless Experience

Proposals from potential future ISEA
symposia hosts are welcome.