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Portraits, Stacks, and Other Stories

interesting to see hugo ball in this context.


Portraits, Stacks, and Other Stories

Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:00 - Sat Mar 03, 2012

Sacramento, California
United States of America

Hugo Portrait, a pigment print on paper, is based on an image of Hugo Ball, a founder of the Dada movement. It is part of a long cycle of work, Looking for Lucia, that includes an extensive Web piece of the same title.

"Stacks" are from a more recently begun cycle called Time's Cargo.

The exhibition features lightboxes, pigment prints and drawings, an installation, artist's books, sculpture, and oil paintings. Nearly all of my work at this time explores narrative possibilities.


Using, Using, Used


You might take a look at my years in the making It isn't quite finished, but you will get the idea. Mary



Yes, Curt, I thought so too. But the art is so much more interesting....and the state it's in now quite eludes any theory that I can come up with....M



Hi Ryder and Curt,

The brush up between theory and immediacy, stasis and speed, a place in the mainstream and mining the periphery is interesting in terms of this historical moment. Every theory is proving inadequate to the political/social/aesthetic moment--most clearly seen in world politics NOW.

Theory is always interesting to me because it makes very conscious statements about what WAS going on; but like a museum, theory is reified, elbowing out the "also rans" in its bid to be part of the elite ridgeline that makes history. Theorists used to hope to influence artists, and they may still in a peripheral way, but Postmodernism has, I think, dissolved into a new time of looking for something else. Attempts by theorists of every stripe are met by refusal from potential backers.

The theorist wants to be king, artists of interest are closer to the fool, who will never be subsumed into any template. ArtistFools know that time (not things) is the master; spontaneity, ephemerality, giving up control to see what might arise regardless of "an artist's place in history," seems to be the only fertile ground. All the theories about art, including its economic structures, feel like history. Instead of history, we want ?

Some friends of mine say that everything now is about climate change, the feeling verges on desperate, action is what counts, no more theorizing. Add to that an entirely broken world economy, that has eluded all theoretical fixes. What is "art"?