Mateusz Pozar
Since 2006
Works in Göteborg Sweden

Mateusz is a Polish/Swedish artist, and a sex icon to a cargo cult in western Lapplandia.

Mainly concerned with trying out new ideas rather than to running finished projects, he's writing and doing video for web & installation, as well as photography and audio works. Perhaps erroneously, he values being linked by BB /. or Mefi more than having a show.

He has a background as a journalist in radio and print, putting it to use when freelancing as a web editor or teaching film & photography at universities or community collages.
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Means of Production: Fabbing and Digital Art

More than the resulting object itself, it's the relationship to design (generative or otherwise) and production of meaning, that is the most interesting part of fabbing. The object almost becomes incidental to the artistic process, and no longer the artistic object itself…

To flog the Photoshop analogy further: The relationship to, and knowledge of, image manipulation — even among people who aren't very good at it or use it professionally — has altered the public understanding of photographic images as well as calloused us to works that previously would be considered more impressive. Rapid manufacturing might shift the attention from "ooh, shiny computer assisted DIY produced thing" to "well yeah, but why are you producing that thing?"

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