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Friendship as a Conceptual Landscape

Fri Feb 15, 2013 19:00 - Fri Mar 08, 2013

Novo mesto, Slovenia

Maja Kalogera - multimedia exhibition

From the foreword to the catalog:
“In the exhibition Friendship as a Conceptual Landscape, Croatian artist Maja Kalogera tackles reflection on the nature of interpersonal relations, as established by the new age social network that lives on the web. This project, says the author, is a visual attempt of defining the friendship in the age of Facebook.

...Multimedia installation touches several aspects of friendship, as making sense of the apparent closeness and remoteness of the virtual world that is becoming increasingly a part of our real, experiential world and thus also part of the landscape. Ornamental design networks simulate the natural world, and thus constitutes a unique landscape formed by relationships between individuals.

...The video installation, created using 3D cameras and projected in real-time tackles Maja Kalogera's perception of ourselves through the eyes of another. The confrontation of real and virtual selves addresses the question of perception: why is the mirage more important than the substance?

...Taking a short video entitled My virtual friend, the effects of online friendship with a twist of humor translates in with the absurdity of everyday life characterized situation. The exhibition is rounded off with an interactive sound installation which for the successful operation requires dual input - visitor can properly test it only with one more person: as if only physical participation remains guarantor of genuine communication and human relations.”

Curator: Matjaz Brulc
Programming: Daniel Pyrathon, Alfredo Calosci
Sound: Arbol, DJ Ru


Deborah Hustic at Upgrade!Zagreb

Thu Dec 06, 2012 20:00 - Thu Dec 06, 2012

Zagreb, Croatia

Presentation of works by artist, blogger and curator Deborah Hustic at Upgrade!Zagreb

December 6th 2012 at 8 pm at Hacklab01, AKC Medika, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb

Deborah Hustic aka body pixel – artist, blogger, web dreamer working with high tech and low tech. Runs a solo project Body Pixel Studio for wearables, DIY and hacking toys, and for curating, workshops, lectures, production – Textil{e} From June, 2011 Programme Coordinator / Organizer for the newly established Media lab I’MM_ in Zagreb.

Graduated Comparative Literature and Ethnology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science – University Zagreb. Trained in graphic design; workshops in the fields of photography, dance, computer arts, semantic web, podcasts, textile arts, dance criticism, wearable technology, new media performance, Arduino, electronics, biohacking, etc.

Hooked up to interactive performance and motion, wearable technology and the usage of new media art in performative context, DIY and free culture movement. Participated as a workshop lecturer (covering topics of blogging and networking tools for artists and cultural professionals) on few festivals & conferences. Did some web consultancy for social media related topics within art & cultural sector. Makes a living by working as an editor on a portal for arts and culture since 2005. Lives and works in Zagreb (Croatia).

Upgrade! is an international network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. Individual nodes present new media projects, engage in informal critique, and foster dialogue and collaboration between artists, curators, researchers and interested audience.



Fri Nov 09, 2012 00:00

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created by the pseudonymous entity Satoshi Nakamoto. It is subdivided into 100-million smaller units called satoshis. It is the most widely used alternative currency,with the total money supply valued at over 100 million US dollars.
Bitcoin has no central issuer; instead, the peer-to-peer network regulates Bitcoins’ balances, transactions and issuance according to consensus in network software. Bitcoins are issued to various nodes that verify transactions through computing power; it is established that there will be a limited and scheduled release of no more than 21 million coins, which will be fully issued by the year 2140.
Bitcoin is administered through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Cryptographic technologies and the peer-to-peer network of computing power enables users to make and verify irreversible, instant online Bitcoin payments, without an obligation to trust and use centralized banking institutions and authorities. Dispute resolution services are not made directly available. Instead it is left to the users to verify and trust the parties they are sending money to through their choice of methods. Internationally, Bitcoins can be exchanged and managed through various websites and software along with physical banknotes and coins.

How to be a part of an alternative independent financial network, how to be an international bank with the help of graphic card, how to make some money, and how to change the world? All that you can find out at the Vjekoslav’s lecture about crypto currency and Bitcoin technology.

Vjekoslav Radišić - Born in 1978. Lives and works in Beli Manastir. Activist, entrepreneur and dog owner.
Besides participating in different citizens initiatives, he researches new technologies which are empowering human freedom, as are crypto-currencies and DIY 3d printing. He also practicises and believes in learning through coaching.

The event is organised by Upgrade!Zagreb and Hacklab01. Upgrade! is an international network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides.


WJs at Wanderlust, Paris

Wed Oct 24, 2012 21:00

Paris, France

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A l’occasion de son festival, la Croatie s’invite au Wanderlust le temps d’une soirée.
Au programme un projet numérique unique, mettant en avant la culture contemporaine et dynamique encore méconnue de ce pays.
De 21h à 23h, Anne Roquigny en collaboration avec un duo d’artistes croates, Maja Kalogera et Martina Mezak, proposera donc une performance web, réalisée à partir d’une navigation sur internet en temps réel, projetée sur l’écran extérieur du Wanderlust. ( Une expérience collective, à la fois visuelle et sonore, éveillant tous vos sens pour vous emmener au coeur de la Croatie.
Croatian Festival in France will help to rediscover or discover Croatia at a strategic time in its history - entry in the European Union on July 2013.
For this occasion, Croatia is invited at Wanderlust for the time of one evening. On program is a unique digital project, highlighting contemporary culture and dynamic in that still not very known country. From 9 pm to 11 pm, Anne Roquigny in collaboration with duo of Croatian artists, Maja Kalogera and Martina Mezak, proposes performance made from navigation on internet in real time, projected at Wanderlust's open space. Collective experience, made with WJ-S software, is using all our senses to take us to the very heart of Croatia. (
After 11pm, two Croatian DJs, Sergej Snooze and Jan Fression, Sirup Club residence, will make you dance.
Longing to be somewhere else? Croatia comes to you at Wanderlust on Wednesday night!


Annemie Maes presents Connected Open Greens at Upgrade!Zagreb

Sun May 22, 2011 13:00

Zagreb, Croatia

If we really want to reshape our urban way of life on a sustainable and ecological basis, we will have to take tangible measures. But how and where can we create green oases in the concrete jungles of our towns? On the window ledge, the balcony or the rooftop?
The multimedia artist and activist Annemie Maes will give us some answers and practical tips. She has long been involved in eco-technologies and grass-roots activism. In 2004, she and Guy van Belle set up OKNO, an artists collective that aims to develop innovative cultural projects linking art and technology. For example: Connected Open Greens – the outskirts of town where culture and nature can come together symbiotically, where regenerative energy technologies meet traditional gardening and where art projects might make new biotopes. The question is this: to what extent can new organisms, new surroundings and new landscapes be generated by merging the artificial with the natural?
OKNO members operate two Open Green Rooftop Gardens in Brussels. They observe and record the growth, flowering and decay of plants as well as providing a habitat for insects and keeping bee colonies.
In Zagreb, Annemie Maes will be talking about the Connected Open Greens project, one feature of which is urban bee-keeping.
May 22, 2011, at 1 pm