Melissa Lambert
Since 2008
Works in Studio City, California United States of America

I am a multimedia artist whose works include traditional media (watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, acrylic, multimedia); digital or "new media", and combinations of both. New Media work has become my recent focus.

While working as a Software Engineer at Warner Electra Atlantic, I began to build a body of newly inspired works in late 2002. After producing many abstract pieces on paper, I purchased a camera for documentation purposes. With experimentation, I soon learned to make art incorporating elements from my traditional medium works, photography, and other digital methods.

In December 2007, curators Rex Bruce from the LA Center for Digital Art, Howard Fox of LACMA, and Peter Frank of the Riverside County Museum of Art, and juried my "current work" into a show at LACDA currently showing through September 6th. I also have an upcoming exhibition at Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery at Bowling Green State University,School of Art, Bowling Green, Ohio called "Perfect with Pixel" which is an international exhibition that focuses on works that are done by integrating digital with traditional art-making methods.

My exhibition experience includes shows at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, Bakery Art Exhibitions in Culver City, NoHo Gallery LA, and 2nd City Council in Long Beach. In 2007, I received a Durfee Foundation ARC (Artists Resource for Completion) Grant.

Michael Ned Holte has said of my work “Employing an arsenal of digital tools, Melissa Lambert mines a hallucinatory territory embedded with personal codes and signals that lend her dizzying, pixelated surfaces unusual depth.”

My influences, aside from too many artists and philosophers to mention here, include the latest fantastical discoveries of particle physics, superstring, holonomic brain and biotic theory, and Taoism. Authors as diverse as Gary Zukov, Brian Greene, Daniel Goleman, Carlos Castenada, Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, William Blake, and Carl Jung have influenced my perception and vision.
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Blackness for Sale (2001) - Keith Obadike

Love love love what you've written. I know I want to follow these posts, but they're just too damn messy and there's no thread or real-time "sense" to them. (and now I'm contributing to the mess).

If technology is driving this, why can't it FIX it???


Be a Super Vegan

Thanks so much! You obviously must be a vegan too...

Let's correspond the regular way, ok? my email is info@MelissaAnnLambert./com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


Be a Super Vegan

I LOVELOVELOVE this! Of course I'm a vegan :-)


110th Congressional Assembly, worst ever!

Well it may be portraying the ugliness of our politicians, but the image itself is quite beautiful!


searching the art base: would noting subject terms be useful?

I agree - I was frustrated in what I felt to be a limiting description of my art (which it seems is not a good fit for Rhizome, which prefers more interactive and video work than straight digital flat-art).

Not just more descriptive terms, but more accurate words than "war" would be helpful. Also, there is a growing movement of artists combining digital and traditional-media work (I'm one) and there's no description for that.

If we put our heads together we should be able to all brainstorm this so the art translates better to the description.