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CALL FOR ENTRIES PixelPops! 2009

What is the target resolution?

Obviously I can submit compressed and/or reduced pixel dimension versions for the call, but what should the full resolution (using square pixels) be in case I get accepted? Video can get quite degraded if the resolutions have to be adjusted at the end stage.

I gather you will be using PAL DVDs but I want to be sure... Is the screen aspect ratio 4:3 (standard) or 14:9 (HD)? These issues can be quite confusing as the NTSC and PAL dimensions are not the same, and are usually based on a 0.9 pixel aspect ratio, so perhaps you should put the dimensions in the call (for both square and nonsquare/0.9 pixels).




On Tour

I have not come to a conclusion about the Nikola/Brian debate, but in trying to make up my mind, I visited Nikola's site and was quite taken with it (to my surprise, I expecfted it to be angry and instead Nikola has used to flame war to make something interesting). It makes a real point and is quite amusing. Whether it is fair to Brian is unclear, but it is funny.

From the entry on Jeff Koons on
Due to lack of opportunities in Midwest USA, this American born art star had to orchestrate his comeback in London, UK.

It is not clear if Koons will be collaborating with other artists who have moved their focus from USA to London - like Madonna.

London is five times smaller than Mexico City but offers 150 times more cultural content, however restaurants are more expensive.
I suspect the source of Nikola's anger and the Rhizome staff's seeming inability to see his point of view at all (I am not saying Brian's piece should be removed or censored but I think there could be some compromise such as allowing Nikola to post a brief, polite rebuttal that would appear with Brian's piece) is a cultural misunderstanding. I don't know if Brian meant to be condescending in his piece, but it seemed condescending to me. There is an arrogance in going somewhere for a very few days and then purporting to make large general statements about the art scene there, or lack of same.

It is quite easy to go somewhere or even to live somewhere and miss major artistic movements that are happening. (I lived near Buffalo and even took (mathematics) courses at the university there during the big years of the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E movement in poetry, and I even read some poetry at the time, and I had no idea innovation was happening in my geographic area. I would have said at the time that Buffalo had no cultural scene whatsoever, as I was aware of no cultural scene and there were no good bookstores at the time etc. Later on, I found that many postmodernist poets and writers had been in Buffalo at the time I first lived there... It's a good thing I wasn't writing a cultural travelogue...)

I also think it is normal for a journalist to inform people that they are being interviewed and to allow them to verify their quotes (but not the rest of the article or its conclusions!) pre-publication. Since Nikola claims he was never informed that Brian was writing about him and Brian says the opposite, we will never know what happened. I have trouble believing either party's account, actually, since Nikola knew Brian was engaged in a "research" trip so I don't think the article could have come as such a big surprise, but on the other hand, Nikola seemed at least initially to be genuinely shattered by the article.



Call For works: Nomadic Screen/APP-Art Call for Works

My mobile phone has a QVGA screen, i.e. resolution 320 x 240. Your call asks for images of the mobile phone apps/media that are at least 640 x 480. Obviously I could double the size of my screenshot, but doesn't the fact that you need an image bigger than the actual phone screen (presumably for the catalog) illustrate the problems with using mobile devices to host gallery art?



Blackness for Sale (2001) - Keith Obadike

Michael Szpakowski wrote:

> thank-you , Karen.
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I am one of the Luddites who is still following Rhizome via email and the above-quoted post (which is the entire email message) is exactly why the new Rhizome no longer works as a discussion. This post, and most other posts, is a brief reply to a previous post but here it appears with no context, making the discussion impossible to follow. (Don't tell me "get a threaded email client" -- I am using Thunderbird which does show threads but the display is turned off. The main point is that I should not need to acquire new technology to follow a discussion that previously was perfectly accessible via ordinary email.) And I don't mean to pick on Michael in particular; I replied to his post because I know him from less argumentative fora, and he presumably will not spam me when I am not attacking him, as some people here do.

New technology actually makes the new Rhizome list even less usable. I now often read my mail using the default mail app on my Nokia E71 mobile phone, which is perfectly adequate for 99% of my email but it can't read the Rhizome list at all (probably due to lack of Flash support in email; the phone actually does a good job of rendering flash content in the browser).

Since the medium is the message this is not merely a technical quibble: for me, the email list was a functional community in which I was able to discuss net art. The new system seems to be far more elitist and (as people have pointed out) moderation slows discussion and makes it unnatural and doesn't allow people outside the "in" group who are invested enough (not necessarily financially but also emotionally and socially and professionally) in the Rhizome brand to go specifically to the Rhizome site to even understand what is being discussed, let alone contribute.

I wonder if this email, which I am writing as an email using the "reply" button on Thunderbird will even appear on Rhizome. I suppose it will not, which only serves to further my point, only this is useless as no one will see it unless I now change the address from <> to something else which I must nopw go look for... (See how much easier a real email list is to use than this hybrid listblogsiteportal?

-- Millie

[UPDATE: I looked for an address like Rhizome-request or whatever in my address book, didn't find it, then clicked on the reply-to link which advises me to reply via the website, which put me on the Rhizome site, only logged in as "email" rather than as "mniss" (a membership on the Rhizome site which I acquired by sending $5 in the bad old days), so there was an error message saying only logged-in members can post, so then I clicked on "log in" and the browser remembered my login information, whereupon I was presented with a screen that said

Posting to Rhizome has changed, and we no longer support posts by email. If you want to post to Rhizome, please follow the appropriate link below.

This again illustrates the faults of the Rhizome site. If the potential readership of a website about new media requires detailed instructions on how to post, the site is poorly designed...

Then of course I realized that although I wanted to quote Michael's post, I did not want this email to appear in the "On Tower Bridge" thread but rather in the thread discussing the Rhizome list which has, confusingly, "RHIZOME DISCUSS: Re: Blackness for Sale (2001) - Keith Obadike" as its subject line. Were this an actual email and not an e try on the website, I would only have had to rewrite the subject line in my email, but now I must follow navigational spaghetti to switch threads, which is presumably why the subect of this thread has nothing to do with what is being discussed in it...



The Good Wall and Floor Awards

I really liked the site and I picked up right away that the opinions were fictional. It is a fairly standard but not yet over-used technique to make the character and the author be distinct yet share a name. I actually laughed out loud at your site. I showed it to my web art collaborator and she laughed also. I liked the harping about the weather, and I was amused at the idea of the gallery owners being genuinely nervous about their review.

Martha Deed and I did something like this a very long time ago (so the web design is downright primitive) with a poetry collection written by a mother and daughter: